Tuesday Train Travel Thoughts

Here we are another Tuesday.  There were very few people on the platform this morning, seems there is no rhyme or reason to passenger numbers.  Is there a holiday about?   First thing that hit me this morning,  was the tinny music emanating from a headset and echoing throughout the carriage.  I’ve had a look around and can’t see where it’s coming from so must be several rows back.  Are we a tolerant people or just adverse to confrontation?

This carriage has what I call ‘skinny’ seats, 3 seats and 2 seats, separated by a very narrow aisle.  Looking across at the 2 seats, which are facing backwards, the people sitting there look as though they are waiting for a fair ground ride to start.  Any minute now they will take off with their feet dangling in the air, screaming as they go.  Well, that will drown out the music.

There’s a lot of movement in this carriage, maybe people are decamping rather than complain about the music, which, by the way, is getting louder, I can almost hear the words now.

That’s where everyone is today, Hove – the coffee brigade, standing 3 deep on the platform.  They pile on in a massive onslaught accompanied by a chorus of squeaky seat tables as they are pulled down to take the coffees, Blackberries, iPhones and iPads.  Why do these tables squeak so?  Southern Rail please note a spot of 3 in 1 is required.

Oh no! Prawn cocktail man is sitting right opposite me, he is shovelling crisps in as though he hasn’t eaten for weeks.  At least he has finished them quickly. Whoops, spoke too soon, another pack has come out of his bag.  I must find another carriage in future.  This pack of crisps is going down as fast as the other which I suppose is a blessing.  At least the music has stopped, either they’ve got off or have been asked to turn it down.

The middle seat opposite and next to me are empty, it will be interesting to see if anyone embarking at Burgess Hill will try to squeeze in between Prawn Cocktail man and the chap on the end.  Both have encroached on to the middle seat.  The lady next to me has her coat and bag on the middle seat too.   No, people are standing now despite empty seats, funny that.

Someone has a message tone on their phone that sounds like a bicycle bell – different!

The countryside really is very pretty, this is a view from Balcombe Viaduct.

That bicycle bell is beginning to be annoying now!  Glad I am about to get off.

Another day, another dollar.

Written this morning on my iPad on the train to Three Bridges.




  1. Do you think that prawn cocktail cracker man likes you, and gets in opposite you intentially? Do you sit in the same seat everyday, if so maybe you could dodge him! on the other hand I quite like the thought of someone who eats prawn crackers instead of weetabix, its a bit out of the box!


    • Not being a creature of habit, I don’t sit in the same seat although it is usually the same carriage. PC man doesnt usually sit directly opposite me… he is not an attractive sight!


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