Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – June 2012

It is May 15th and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.   My garden is sorely neglected at the moment.  I have been away a number of weekends and when I have  been home, the weather has been so abysmal that I have not been able to get out  into the garden.  The constant rain has meant that it is green and lush and still, unfortunately, with little colour.   Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of flowers out but because of the abundance of leaves they don’t stand out, so the garden looks more green than colourful.

I went out into the garden last night after work with my camera to take some photographs, and guess what?  It started to rain and almost every time I got something in focus, the wind blew.  So there are a number of “soft focus” photos  for this post.

To cheer myself up and prove that there is colour in the garden, despite the prevalence of greenery, I made a collage of the photos I took.  It looks very colourful and made me feel marginally better.

You will see that there are still some Aquilegia in flower, not all the Alliums are over, the geraniums are blooming, the Erysimums are still flowering and the Fuchsia are in bud.

The Astrantia are now in full bloom and I love this flower, it’s very photographic.   I have seen some very dark pink varieties and some white ones, but mine appear to be a cross between the two.

Most of the roses have been beaten down by the rain which is such a shame, but nature is wonderful I know that within a few sunny days they will recover.

On the side patio, the Philadelphus is beginning to flower, I am afraid that I don’t remember what variety it is, but nevertheless the perfume is just wonderful.

 I have never grown Broad Beans before, and think that the flowers are really quite pretty.   It is quite understandable why beans were grown within flowerbeds in old fashioned country gardens.

 The smaller Alliums are finished but this monster of an Allium is hanging on.   It must be at least 4 inches in diameter and is withstanding the wind and rain.

 Below are a few more of what is in bloom in my garden in June:

  • Eyrismum

  • Black Cornflower (just about to come out)
  • The Elderflower is heavy with blossom.

The garden in June should be ablaze with a variety of colour, not hidden behind foliage.  Fingers crossed that when it comes to the July Garden Bloggers Bloom Day,  my post will be a veritable kaleidoscope of flowers.

Thank you Carol (May Dreams Gardens) for hosting this meme on the 15th of each month.   Please visit her website and take a tour of the other gardens and see what is blooming in other gardens.

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  1. Wow! I really like all the blooms you have. Enjoy the rains. After 3 years of drought here in Texas, we are finally having a normal year and everything is green. At least here in Houston. Happy GBBD. David/:0)


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    It certainly looks like there’s plenty of colour in your garden at the moment. Sometimes it can feel the opposite and then when we look back on photos of the previous year discover that actually it looked pretty amazing!


    • It does help to be able to look back. Only I would like to walk out into the garden and be hit by an array of colour, not have to hunt for it…but it’ll be great July and August I’m sure 😃


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