I am Turning into a Grumpy Old Woman


Written this morning on the train using my iPad:

Maybe it’s because of the constant rain and lack of sunshine and Vit D but I am feeling really grumpy lately.  Sitting on the train to work is making me feel even edgier this morning.  It is full of people doing things that really irritate me.

The man in the aisle opposite has sniffed, loudly and continually, for the last 10 minutes.  I am sorely tempted to offer him a tissue, but he looks a bit rough and he may land me one!  I’ll just hope he gets off soon.

Why do some people deposit themselves into their seat as though they have been dropped from a great height?  What is so difficult about sitting down gently?  Whoever is sitting behind me grabbed hold of my seat back as they landed heavily, making everything rock.

There is a woman who either doesn’t care or know how to switch off the keypad sounds.  There is nothing more annoying than the constant click click as she is typing a text which sounds as though she is drafting something longer than War and Peace.

Oh good, the sniffing man is about to get off, well that’s one irritation out of the way.

Next stop, Hove.  This is where the majority of passengers embark, most with a Costa coffee in one hand and a mobile phone in the other.  Here we go, yet another annoyance.   Are people not aware that when putting a bag up into the luggage rack, the coat they are holding is dangling in the face of the passenger sitting down?  Completely oblivious!!

Coffee – that’s something else I have an issue with.  Fine, buy your coffee to drink on the train, but why don’t you drink it?  There is a small table in front of me which now looks like a picnic table with two takeaway coffees, two thermos mugs, which a lot of people seem to own, and a Costa bag of food, although I don’t know what it contains because its been there for over 15 minutes and no one is drinking their coffee or eating.  Yesterday when my stop arrived I had to negotiate several cups of coffee just waiting to be knocked over.  Oh dear, another cup of coffee has appeared, I wonder when this is going to be drunk.  Surely they must be cold by the time each respective owner decides to take a drink.  Ah!  The Costa bag contains toast – I bet that’s a bit rubbery by now.

Mobile phones – is it necessary to speak so loudly you are almost shouting so the whole carriage can hear your conversation?  You have been speaking in a perfectly normal quiet tone to your friend, but now we can all hear about what happened in your personal life last night…. I am not interested.  Why can’t you say “I’m on the train and will ring you back later”?

Now we are at Burgess Hill, and we have the loud iPod issue.  It must be deafening to listen to, I am two rows back and can almost hear the words, not just the usual tinny sound that emanates from earpieces.  Surely it must annoy the passengers sitting nearby, why does everyone just sit there saying nothing?  Perhaps they too usually have headphones too loud so have become part of the deaf generation.  I asked someone to turn down their music recently and received looks of astonishment from others around me, despite the fact they were all raising eyebrows and making faces earlier.

Great, time to get off, and the connecting train is due in. I left the house at 7.40 it will be 9 when I get into the office.  I feel better now that is all off my chest and will feel even better when I have my cup of tea.  Hey ho – it’s Tuesday, only another 3 days and it’s the weekend. Not that I am wishing my life away, course.



  1. How about people who take the seat on the aisle, put bag by the window and then huff and puff when you want to sit in the vacant seat occupied by the bag? Great blog.


  2. I have always been honest and politely choose not to express it. Now it seems I am able to express my feelings and if that means I appear grumpy or less polite hard luck … in the words of the song by Billy Joel Don’t go changin’ nice blog!


  3. On the Swiss trains I used to travel in non-smoking. Learnt to avoid an unpleasant young woman, as in – whichever carriage she got into, I found ANOTHER non-smoking carriage. She stood on the platform frantically chain-smoking then put her kippered self in with us non-smokers and kippered the whole carriage. All on her own!


  4. Excellent blog! What of those with wheely bags which block seats and aisles when there is a decent luggage rack at the end of a compartment. I did ask someone to turn up the volume on their MP3 player as I couldn’t quite make out the words-turned down in an instant!!


  5. On a bus, once, man with briefcase didn’t notice overhead luggage rack didn’t go all the way along. Put his briefcase in the air above me, let go and it landed on my head.


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