At Last the Flowers are Appearing!

It only took a few days of sunshine and hot weather for flowers to appear, at last, in the garden. After so much rain the garden was bursting with greenery but not much colour.

My favourite flower, the Aquilegia, is now flowering all over the garden. I have let too many self-seed so there are the usual element of the dusky pink, but I also have a few “new” ones. I am sure I haven’t had a wonderful deep purple before there seem to be two types, one is very frilly and the other has almost single petals.

Surprise, surprise, I have white aquigelia this year. It is amazing what appears each year after cross pollenation.

As this is Chelsea week, it is time for the Chelsea Chop and the hardy geraniums (Cranes Bill) will be given a severe haircut, which in a way is a shame, because they have only just started to flower, but they are taking over the flower beds. Not to worry, they will come back and flower all the more very quickly.

The Ceanothus (Canadian Lilac) is slowly turning blue. I thought it was going to let me down this year, as other ones I look at are already in a cloud of blue, for some reason it is just being a little slow this year but it is getting there.

All the chives are now flowering in competition with the Alliums. Apart from being an almost identical colour, I love the structure of each of these flowers, the Allium with its individual star shapes that make up one flowerhead and the chive flower that is like a single starburst.

I was looking at all the roses, which are still in bud, but now covered in greenfly, and was beginning to wonder how long I am going to have to wait for them to bloom. Then, as I looked up over the Ceanothus, at the Golden Showers, right at the very top I saw my first rose of 2012. Silly how little things can be so exciting.

In another week, by the time I am due to write the End of Month View for May, I expect (fingers crossed) that I will be spoilt for choice to include in that post. Dave Marsden The Anxious Gardener said: “As we head into June, May is arriving” – never a truer word.

What’s coming next on the blog?

This coming weekend I am off to Tylney Hall in Hook, Hampshire, who are opening their Gertrude Jekyll Garden in aid of the National Garden Scheme, so watch this space.

5 thoughts on “At Last the Flowers are Appearing!

  1. Very exciting to hear the flowers are blooming..we have many of the same blooms finally here…lovely photos.


  2. I love the way plants self seed and we get nice surprises, I have white and purple Aquilegias too! I love cranesbills and have a deep magenta one that runs through with a limey green leaf, just gorgeous. Gosh your green fly is early. Lovely photos Ronnie I’ve really enjoyed them 🙂


  3. Finally, eh Ronnie? I’ve actually got some flowers at long last too. Yay! Wish I could grow ceonothus at the Priory – I did try but it is just too darn cold and the poor thing died. And I have no white aquilegias – which I must rectify. Dave


  4. oooh, so pretty!


  5. Hi Ronnie,

    It is lovely to see so many blooms and I too love the Aquilegias. Although I don’t have quite such a wide variety as you do and they also don’t tend to self seed here so well.

    Now we just need a little rain to replenish things. Preferably at night and let the days be nice. Tomorrow is meant to be a little cooler and I look forward to a nice warm day, rather than a scorching day 🙂

    Roses are opening here too 🙂 Yay!!! Looking forward to having them in vases soon.


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