You Need Hands : The Weekly Photo Challenge

The Weekly Photo Challenge is:


  The idea of the  HANDS below came to me today.  

The photo below is of the hands of my two grandchildren and the hands of my mother, taken today when we visited Mum.  

The age difference between the youngest hands and the oldest hands 90 years. 

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 Max Bygraves is famous for a lovely song called “You Need Hands”:

You need hands to hold someone you care for

You need hands to show that you’re sincere

When you feel nobody wants to know you

You need hands to brush away the tears

When you hold a brand new baby

You need tender hands to guide them on their way

You need hands to thank the Lord for living

And for giving us this day

 Click here for a You Tube video that I cam across with Max Bygraves singing the above song, and fabulous hand paintings of animals.

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19 thoughts on “You Need Hands : The Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. So many varied hands. Nice. And a great song to accompany the photos.
    And thank you for the mention and link back to my post.
    I am being hurtled to 60 on July 4th.


  2. I still love that old Max Bygraves song, (thanks for taking me down memory lane 😉 , and it fits in perfectly with this challenge.
    What a great collection of hand pics!


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