Shades of Blue

Hoorah!! It arrived in my mail box this afternoon – the official Weekly Photo Challenge.   I am not complaining at all at the fact it is a few days later than usual, it just means that I have a theme for a new blog post.

Blue. We’ve done red before, but what about blue? What do you associate blue with? The sky, the ocean…and what else? See how creative you can get with blue.

Share a picture that is BLUE with everyone! 

What a great and, for me, an easy challenge.  At this time of the year there are plenty of Spring time blue flowers so I have been spoilt for choice.  

Can you name them?

©AarTeePhotography 2011 – 2015
©AarTeePhotography 2011 – 2015
©AarTeePhotography 2011 – 2015

Of course, there is always the wonderful colour of the blue sky you get when living my the sea.  It has a different clarity to it.  Sadly we have not seen nearly enough of it lately so for all of those who need reminding as to how beautiful a  blue sky can be, feast your eyes on these photos.

©AarTeePhotography 2011 – 2015

Notice how I slipped a blue boat into this post also?

© Hurtlingtowards60 and Hurtled to 60 and Now  Beyond, 2011 – 2015.   ©AarTeePhotography 2011 – 2015

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    • The little violets have found homes in lots of my pots this year. Some could argue because they are called violets they are not blue but I think they fall into that colour spectrum


    • I love the way the various colours appear through the seasons, yellows with forsythia, daffodils and primroses then the blues and after that my garden goes pink with roses hardy geraniums peonies ending in the end of the summer with the hot colours. None of it intentionally planned it just is that way.


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