Reflections – An Unofficial Weekly Photo Challenge

What has happened to our Weekly Photo Challenge Daily Post Wordpress?  There are several hundred bloggers all around the world who wait with eagerness on a Friday for the new challenge.  Once in a while you are a little late and don’t post until Saturday, but we still don’t have a Weekly Challenge.    How are we going to cope without a topic to challenge our photography?

Withdrawal symptoms were about to set in, but then Ailsa from Where’s My Backpack stepped in to the breach (great blog too, by the way).   She suggested her own topic this week and lots of us have excitedly taken up her challenge.


I hopped over to her blog and read her REFLECTIONS post  and smiled at her opening sentence, I do hope she doesn’t mind me repeating it here.  Those of us in the UK will see the irony:-

“It recently rained in New York for the first time in ages, and offered up some wonderful opportunities to capture reflections in the pools of rainwater.”

Hey there New Yorkers, we have had your quota of rain every day since the first week in April!  This weekend has had us out in our gardens or wherever we go when the sun doth shine, with gay abandonment.    Why?   No wet stuff falling from the sky and there has been a big round yellow thing shining down with warmth and happiness, making us all feel a lot better.

Back to REFLECTIONS.   There have certainly been enough of those lately with rainwater, in the shape of puddles and raindrops.  Therefore, the following REFLECTIONS photos do include the inevitable raindrops but first:-

The REFLECTIONS in glass tear drop garden ornaments –

Next, two photos showing the REFLECTION of the sun on the sea – a wonderous sight at the best of times.

I have always felt a little disappointed with the quality of this photograph with the dog, but I like it too much to delete it and this is the first time I have actually used it on my blog.

Those of you who follow my blog regularly,  know that I change my header photo regularly and will recognise this next photo, which was taken on Worthing beach, although it looks positively Mediterranean.    There is a second element to this shot, because sitting here is ideal for general REFLECTIONS on life.

Clevedon, in Somerset, is favourite place of mine for photographic scenes.   The Victorian Pier, juts out from the rocks and on a calm day, when the sea is like a millpond, you see its REFLECTION in the Bristol Channel.   By the way, in case you are interested, the land on the other side is Wales.

Finally, I just can’t end this post without the ubiquitous REFLECTIONS in raindrops – it has to be done!


Thank you Ailsa for your suggestion and everyone else who has joined in this week’s “Unofficial” Weekly Photo Challenge.   I hope you take time and visit Where’s My  Backpack, to view all the REFLECTIONS and whilst you are there take a look at her interesting  blog.

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  2. These are all totally awesome shots, but the first one I really fell in love with. Cool with the reflection in the droplet on the flower too … it’s the photographer! 🙂


  3. These are wonderful, Ronnie, your comments about the rain made me laugh out loud. That’s what you get for living in Blighty! The glass ornaments are beautiful, and you can’t beat a great Victorian pier, but your doggy stole my heart. His (or her?) personality oozes out of that shot, even in silhouette. xxx


  4. These are beautiful photos to express the “Reflections”. The beach shots say a lot of the tranquility of the beach, the glass tear-drop garden ornaments are so elegantly displayed, and the shot of the rain drop on the leaf is amazing! Thanks


  5. I wondered where this week’s notification went so I posted one of the themes I missed while I was away. I went to the unfocused theme and they were asking for suggestions for topics. Perhaps WP ahve ran out of ideas and got bored with us. Great shame because the challenge posts are the post poplular on my blog. I love your last photo BTW. Well, they are all good but that one is unusual.


    • Hi! I hope WordPress do come up with new ideas, but aren’t bloggers resourceful, we were not going to miss out this week even though WP haven’t posted a topic. I have found some great new blogs via Ailsa. That last photo is a particular favourite of mine, it is honeysuckle and you can see the bare branches in the raindrop.


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