Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused


You may curse or cheer this week’s theme. We’re looking for that picture which is unfocused. It may be completely intentional, or accidental. You might have thought about trashing it, but in the end it definitely conveys something.

 I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to photography and generally check out what I have taken on the LED screen and delete there and then if not to my satisfaction.   Once uploaded on to my computer I perform another cull, so to find a unfocused picture for the Weekly Photo Challenge has proved rather a tough one this week.

There was a tiny little temptation to cheat and resort to a little photo editing.  It was only a fleeting temptation which I decided to ignore.   Therefore I dug out the memory sticks and memory cards that I have photos stored on and felt quite disappointed at the thought that I would have to miss out on this week’s challenge.

Then I found the series of shots I took of seagulls.  I remembered how difficult it was to capture moving birds on a windy day, and the majority of them I ditched –  all but one:

Then I found a photo of the splendid Borage plant growing in the garden last Summer.  Here I had the focus all wrong, with a clear background and an out of focus Borage in the foreground:

The brief  “It may be completely intentional, or accidental”  gives cause for a great deal of thought.   My unfocused photos are always unintentional but sometimes, however, they can be used to their advantage.   Are we talking about unfocused or out of focus?  Is there a subtle difference?  I am not sure but for argument sake on this occasion I am opting for them to be  the same.    A lot of flower and plants look really good out of focus, such as this close up of the Forsythia in my garden, taken a few weeks ago.

 Not exactly splendid unfocused pictures this week and I am sure you will find a lot more when you pay a visit to The Weekly Photo Challenge at  The Daily Post, although be prepared to see some unfocused pictures that will make your eyes water.