100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #40 : Autumn’s Birthday Present Surprise

Julia’s from Julia’s Place 100WCGU challenge for this week is:

Well who would have believed it! We’ve reached number 40. Do make sure you have visited the entries on Week#39 as we had some new writers join us!

 The prompt for this week was easy for me to think of.  It is ‘RUBY’ in celebration of our 40th week. You can do whatever you like as far as genre is concerned. The only rules are that it is only 100 words long and is suitable for a PG certificate.


Right then, continuing on from earlier tales of Autumn, here is the next chapter…..:-

“It’s obvious,” declared Autumn over coffee with her sister “why didn’t I think about it before!”

Her ever sensible elder sister looked bemused, wondering what her wayward sibling was hatching.  

“I am determined to show I can make go of the restaurant and Harry was brilliant before leaving for Canada.”

Raising one eyebrow, her sister enquired: “ Please explain what is obvious.”  

“Grandpa died 40 weeks ago, the restaurant is #40 and today’s your 40th birthday.”


“Come in with me as a partner, help me run the restaurant and as my birthday present to you we can rename it Ruby.


Thank you to those of you who noticed that I have not entered the 100WCGU for a couple of weeks, my literary ideas just dried up, but having been spurred on, inspiration came to me on the train to work this morning.

By the way, in case you are wondering how Canada got into the tale, a colleague of mine at work challenged me to introduce the word Canada into this weeks 100WCGU.

Please pay a visit to Julia’s Place and read some of the brilliant entries into this 40th week of 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups.


  1. Nice work with all the ’40th’ synchronicities. I really like the easy relationship and dialogue between the characters too.


    • Ah you are just too clever! I never thought of that – I was following the line of her sister being 40, also I ran out of words but Autumn’s sister may be called Ruby of course 😉


  2. Ah, that’s taken the story in an interesting way…I’m sure there’s still a trick or two up Autumn’s sleeve though (unless Harry was one helluva life coach!!)
    Good to see you back again :O) Love how you manage to keep a story going with different prompts.


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