Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Together. This should be a simple challenge for most of you –

find a picture of people or things which are together in your picture.

I am not sure, for me anyway, this Weekly Photo Challenge  was a simple challenge.  There are very many heartwarming photos this week of couples and people Together, however, personally I am loath to use photos of friends and family on my blog, but that is just my point of view and I suspect the  majority of you may disagree with me.

My initial thought was that Together was very similar to the one a few weeks ago Two Subjects, but on further investigation Together is subtly different.   I always helps me to check out the challenge word on the On-Line dictionary – this usually sparks off some ideas, which fortunately it did.

The photos below are just three that come within the meaning of the word Together.

Together  adv.
1. In or into a single group, mass, or place:   We gather together.  
This photo I took a few years ago of elderly people on benches, looking at this one today, I noticed a couple sitting together on the beach too – what better photo than this to depict gathering Together.
Together  adv.
2.  In or into a unified structure or arrangement:
This photo of canoes was taken at Symonds Yat last year.   I like the way they are all tied Together in a unified structure. 

Together  adv.
3. In harmony or accord: We stand together on this issue.
I love this photo, it is of my daughter and two of her bridesmaids standing Together in harmony.

Finally, there is just one personal photo of Together that I am more than happy to include and that is of me and my Mum spending her 92nd birthday Together a few weeks ago.


  1. Nice together photos! I agree with you. I don’t post people photos on my blog and I wouldn’t unless I had the person’s permission.


  2. THanks for the pingback. Im not one to post family photos here. That is what my walls at home are for.


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