Is it Harry Who is Falling Now? : 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #37

The 100 Word Challenge  for Grown Ups  had an interesting twist this week.

The prompt was:-

“Go back to last week’s entries and use the last 10 words of the post next to yours and using just 100 words create a story.  It may be a follow-on from the previous one or you may like to take it in a different direction.”

The last 10 words of my entry for 100WCGU Week #36 (Autumn Goes Skydiving) were taken this week by Ross Mannell  as he continued Autumn’s Tale and wrote a brilliant sequel.    

I have included it below in my post this week, my contribution to Week #37  follows on at the end.  

I hope you enjoy these mini chapters in what seems to be slowly becoming a popular story. 


Autumn Returns to Earth by Ross Mannell

A sense of exhilaration swept over her as they landed.   Autumn felt herself being unbuckled by Harry.  She turned to thank him for her skydiving experience but joy turned to surprise.

“I’m late,” a white rabbit said. “We must go.”

Too confused to resist, the rabbit hopped along with Autumn in tow.

“Are you Alice’s White Rabbit?” Autumn asked.

“Alice who? We’re late!”

Before she could stop him, Autumn was pulled into a hole.  She was falling, this time without Harry.

She felt herself being shaken, “Autumn, are you alright?”


It was Harry, “You passed out as we landed.”


The last 10 words in the post next to mine were  Uh oh, am I the only one who sees him”  from Did you see that rabbit? by Fiction Leigh

Is it Harry who is falling now?  by Ronnie Tyler

“Oooh, my poor head.” Autumn winced as she sat up.  

“Why are you looking so concerned?” she asked

“Just before you came to, you were rambling on about a white rabbit”

“I wasn’t rambling, there really is a rabbit – he is over there in the corner”

“Autumn, you are worrying me, there is no rabbit”,

“Uh oh, am I the only one who sees him?”

Harry looked at her, wondering if he should take her to A&E, then he noticed a broad grin appear across her face.  He thought to himself she really was beautiful when she smiled.

“You are one very bad lady!”

Autumn looked at him and winked. 


Thank you Julia for running the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups and your sometimes devious and always interesting prompts which makes each week so enjoyable.    

Please take a trip over to her place and read some of the other very clever peices of creative writing.

8 thoughts on “Is it Harry Who is Falling Now? : 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #37

  1. Wonderful writing. It can be a hard task to carry on a story started by another, especially when you try to keep developing the storyline. 🙂


  2. I love how you manage to integrate these prompts into your Autumn series. Well done!
    Mine’s not on the list yet, but you can find it here:


  3. Love it, well done for carrying on so seamlessly. Although I am sure that Autumn is not about to become a reformed character (unless Harry is one remarkable life coach!!)


  4. What a great piece. I love how you have carried on with Autumn’s story xx


  5. Oh this is brilliant! I’m so impressed that Autumn has authors who can continue her story whatever! She is one lucky lady!


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