And the Next Award Goes To …

There is little doubt when writing a blog, not only is it a personal thing but it is hoped that others will read it.  After all if it was going to be really personal, it would not be broadcasted to all and sundry.  For me my blog is all about sharing.

There are lots of awards given by bloggers and it’s really flattering to be included in a blog award role of honors.  Generally the rules are the same:

1.Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass the award to 7 nominees

I have been honoured with a number of award nominations over the last year and feel very embarrassed that apart from thanking the nominator I have not always sharing things about me and nomination other blogs.    This is usually because:

(a) I had planned other posts to write and put the response on the back burner – never a good idea, as it is too easy to forget things.

(b) It is hard to think of 7 things about me that others are going to find interesting and want to respond to.

(c) There are so many wonderful blogs that I read regularly,  it’s very difficult to select just 7.

Blogging Awards cascade down and are another way of sharing great blogs that you read and also finding new blogs.   If someone has taken the time to nominate me, the time has come for me to acknowledge the recognition.

At the end of March I was awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by the lovely Karen Wan from Writing Your Destiny .  The  reason for my nomination  as –  “Bringing joy through her photography and insights“.

Rule 1     Thank you Karen for the nomination.

Rule 2     This is the tough part.

  1. I don’t like broad beans, beetroot and bananas (interesting they all start with the letter B)
  2. Amongst my many jobs when I was young was selling cold advertising space for a newspaper,  a market researcher, repping for Mars and a restaurant supervisor for Berni Inn.
  3. I was named after a horse – yes really!  I was going to be called Helen but my Mum put a bet on a horse called “Veronica Josephine” which came in first on the same day I was born.  How lucky it wasn’t something silly like “Lemon Dip”.
  4. I have just discovered Caro Emerald and downloaded “Deleted Scenes from The Cutting Room Floor” – I am listening to it while writing this post.
  5. It has taken me almost 20 minutes to even think of 4 things of interest about me!
  6. I love really strong cheese, the sort that makes your tongue tingle.  Best eaten with pickle, oat cakes and white grapes – yummy.
  7. My last one is also food related – my all time favourite drink is a MOJITO.   Phew, after all that thinking I need one now.

Rule 3:  My 7 nominated blogs for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are:

Again, a very big thank you to the bloggers who have nominated me for awards, all of which are displayed down the side of my blog.

4 thoughts on “And the Next Award Goes To …

  1. Thanks Ms Dip (though I rather like the idea of Shergar too). I would really struggle to think of a couple of interesting things about me, let alone seven. Don’t know all of your recommendations, so will check them out. Thanks again and I hope you’re going out to celebrate tonight. Champagne cocktails, ballroom gown, fireworks, British Bulldog – that sort of thing. Big congrats. Dave


  2. A very well deserved award and you gave us some interesting info about yourself…I love how you got your name…strong cheese yummm!! These awards are nice but I have a hard time as well coming up with interesting facts…lovely blogs you chose too…some of my very favorites and a couple new ones I will explore!! Congrats Ronnie..


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