Well who would have thought it…

…I am a Kindle convert.

Until recently, I would vehemently extol the virtues of a ‘proper’ book, with paper pages, that you could turn.  I was totally unable to understand why  friends and colleagues had gone over to the dark side and started to read eBooks.    I failed to understand how a thin piece of plastic could possibly replace the enjoyment that turning a page gives.   My concern was, and probably to an extent still is,  if everyone gives up buying paper books, they will become a thing of the past, like videos and music cassettes.

For me, nothing equals the smell and feel of a new book.  I love going into a bookshop and browsing,  looking at the front cover, reading the back page and opening it up to check the print, coupled with the knowledge that I am the first person to read that particular copy.

There was no way I was ever going to buy a Kindle and to this day I have not bought one either.

The Kindle I own was won in a raffle at work a few months ago, it only cost me a £3 raffle ticket!   It sat on my dressing table for a few weeks until I started travelling by train to work.    I dusted off the Kindle, logged into Amazon, bought and downloaded my first eBook in the blink of an eye.   The whole process is so  fast and easy there is the temptation to get carried away, buy more than you really need and before you know it £20+  is clocked up, so a great deal of self-control is required.

What do I like about my Kindle?  The font can be enlarged, which makes it much easier  to read on the train – I don’t have to fish out my reading glasses.  I am not tempted to turn to the end of the book to see how it finishes.  That sounds dreadful but sometimes if I find I am struggling to get into a story,  I read the penultimate chapter, that quite often fires up an interest and I go back to where I left off with renewed  curiosity.   Probably most important and I expect the reason why eBook readers are so popular,  it is light and doesn’t take up so much room in my bag.  It is also conceivably possible to read more than one book, if you feel so inclined, hopping from one to another at different times.   I think we would all agree that to lug several paperbacks around is truly cumbersome.

I am  no expert but from what I can see, authors can now publish their own eBooks for readers, such as Kindles and iBooks for  iPads, rather than publish as a book to sell in bookshops.   It still saddens me that the time will come when the only way to read the latest book from our favourite author will be to download it.   I do hope that over the course of time, paper books are not lost forever, this sadly could also see the demise of the much loved bookshop.

What have I read so far?

  • Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton
  • Before I go to Sleep by S.J Watson
  • Me before You by Jojo Moyes

I may be a Kindle convert but there is still a pile of paperbacks on my bedside table to read in bed.   Long live paper books!

16 thoughts on “Well who would have thought it…

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don’t want to see paper books and bookstores go away, either; but I can’t help but wonder with another generation or two, how different it’s going to be.


  2. Not yet. But my niece is a fan, and my sister-in-law. I see it’s ideal for reading on the train. None of that, I’ve finished my book, but the train still has half an hour.


  3. I didn’t think I would like an E-reader either until I got one – now I love it! I got a Sony E-Reader as a gift. I wanted the Sony in particular because I can still borrow books from the library at no charge with my e-reader. After listening to my husband moan & groan about my books thru 3 recent moves, this will make my life so much easier!


  4. Wow, winning a Kindle in a raffle, how lucky are you! I can understand why you didn’t use it for so long, but now that you have, you are reaping some benefits. e-books are a lot cheaper to buy for a Kindle which is a plus. I don’t have one , although I have considered getting one, if only for when I travel.
    I love my own personal bookshelf with all my books on it, mostly all read except for a handful, some I’ve kept for reference and of course my recipe books. They just look nice in my home office, kind of homely, and it’s surprising how visitors hone in on it to have a browse themselves! I like the feel of a book in my hands so I don’t think I will ever be converted to a Kindle, although I can see how useful they would be when traveling on the train, plane, etc. Everything has it’s place.


  5. I have packed and sent to storage 99% of my books. Most of the time I am too busy organizing the move to miss them. There have been occasions, usually when my stress level is high, when I have felt desperate to lose myself in a good story. A kindle would be perfect. It now crosses my mind that if I used a kindle I would not be forking out as much in moving fees. I need to think about this some more.


  6. Don’t have one and the only way i would get one would be if I won it…I have far too many books and will be keeping them for now. But I know what you mean they are lighter and the print is bigger…much easier to use…but I am a diehard bookie


  7. What a great prize Ronnie! Mine was a Christmas present from himself a couple of years ago and really came into its own last year when I had to make a lot of train journeys. It was an absolute godsend. I knew that I was converted when I tried to turn the page over and realised that it wasn’t a book. Have you come across the Kindle daily deal yet? I think that ereaders have their place alongside books and don’t think that they mean the end of the traditional book. Have an unfinished post on my Kindle experience which I must finish soon 🙂


  8. Oh and just to mention – yes it is handy to have books on my phone too! So if I’m hanging around somewhere I can quickly load up a book and read a few chapters 🙂
    Mainly I just download the books I return to time and again; those books that will always have a place on the shelf so that I don’t mind dipping in and out whenever I fancy reading but don’t have my latest book to hand.


  9. Hi Ronnie,

    I can’t say I’m all that interested in reading books on my ipad; yes I have a couple and some .pdfs and such but I still buy books – so many I swear they’re breeding in my house!
    Yes it’s handy for taking places on holiday and such, but for me I’ll keep to my books 🙂


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