Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Together. This should be a simple challenge for most of you – find a picture of people or things which are together in your picture. I am not sure, for me anyway, this Weekly Photo Challenge  was a simple challenge.  There are very many heartwarming photos this week of couples and people Together, however, personally I am loath… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Garden visiting, National Trust Gardens

An absolute delight: West Green House, Hartley Wintney

I visited two gardens on Saturday,  Dunsborough Park, which I have already written about and a dream of a garden at West Green House, near Hartley Wintney in Hampshire. You will find West Green House in the National Trust handbook, but it is an oddity, it is not owned by the NT.  When they decided… Continue reading An absolute delight: West Green House, Hartley Wintney

Garden visiting

Tulips at Dunsborough Park Garden

I think everyone will agree that this has not really been the best year for tulips.   I have read blogs and spoken to gardeners who have all expressed disappointment in their displays this year.  The weather appears to be to blame, a hot few weeks in March followed by a plummet in temperatures and… Continue reading Tulips at Dunsborough Park Garden

Garden Bloggers Foliage Day

Garden Foliage Day : 22 April 2012

Here we are almost at the end of April, and time again to take a look at the foliage in the garden.  This last week of torrential showers, has brought absolutely everything on by leaps and bounds.   It is amazing what a good drenching can do for plants and trees alike.    The one… Continue reading Garden Foliage Day : 22 April 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

The problem with this week's WordPress Photo Challenge is the subject is SUN.  We are all told not to look directly at the SUN and even pointing our cameras at the SUN could do damage, not just to our eyes but to our cameras too.   So my challenge this week was how to take… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Train Journey Observations

An observation during a train journey

A short post tonight, just wanted to get something off my chest that concerned me about a fellow travelling commuter who I have never seen before and may never see again. I see many people of different shapes and sizes during my community journey at the beginning of each and at the end.   We are… Continue reading An observation during a train journey