Autumn Goes Sky Diving: 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #36

After writing my 100WCGU last week,  I was determined that whatever prompt Julia from Julia’s Place threw at us for week 36, I was going to include it in my next part of Autumn’s tale.

It was with no surprise to find that the prompt was not going to be an easy one!

These are Julia’s instructions for this week:

Now for this week’s prompt. As you know I like to be topical so I’m thinking Easter. However, I’m thinking a little outside the box! The prompt is quite simple but the trick this week is to prepare for NEXT week!

I want you to write a piece with

….‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice…..

in it. You have 100 words making a total of 108. However, the last 10 words are going to be used to start a piece by someone else next week!! Good eh! The idea isn’t mine – it came from Winchester House School

The gauntlet was thrown down and this is my response (with acknowledgement to Lewis Carroll ):


At 15,000 feet, Autumn slid out of the plane and started her tandem sky-diving experience.  

The wind rushed at her and after a minute, with a jerk upwards as the parachute opened, she felt weightless, drifting peacefully downwards.

“I feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole” she thought.   Then bizarre and random sentences from Alice and Wonderland flashed through her mind.

 “I wonder how many miles I have fallen?”

What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice.”

“After this I should feel nothing about falling downstairs.”

Autumn felt safe tightly strapped to Harry for the dive and a sense of exhilaration swept over her as they landed. 


  1. What a clever use of the prompt! I wasn’t sure how you were going to get it in when I started to read it. I can see some fun ahead for Autumn next week mind!


  2. Very impressive – well written, very quick & a great start for next week! I was dumbfounded when I saw the prompt & you thought it was easy. Just goes to show how differently people think.


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