A busy Sunday as Spring has Sprung!

I do believe we are leaving Winter behind and Spring is upon us.  Although it is only the end of March, the weather at the moment is glorious.  This weekend, in particular, has been excellent for getting on with gardening jobs.  Out of the sun, the wind still has a chill to remind us not to get too carried away as it is still cold during the night.

Twitter Gardeners have been buzzing with what we are doing this weekend in the garden and the seeds that we are sowing ready for the Summer.  The excitement is obvious as we exchange information with each other.

There is something wonderful about being out in the garden and have the sun shine on you while you work.   It is amazing what just a little bit of warmth from the sun can suddenly bring everything on so quickly.

In just a week the Forsythia is coming out.

One of my favourite shrubs is Spirea Gold Flame.  It is like a back to front shrub,  starting off with beautiful russet and pink tones, almost Autumnal colours, and then turning green as Summer arrives.

The Ribes is now in full flower and not yet producing that horrid cat smell, which it will do eventually.   I am hoping this year I can get it through the Summer without it getting the nasty fungus disease it has suffered from the last few years.    It is so pretty at this time of the year, and then the leaves start to curl and it looks decidedly unhealthy, something I have been unable to combat.

The garden is beginning to look very green with the Aquilegia, Agapanthus, Astrantia and Hardy Geraniums bursting with green leaves.    Just for avoidance of doubt, I do have plants in the garden that begin with letters of the alphabet other than A!

Today I sowed, Swiss Chard (Galaxy), Carrots (Resistafly), Rocket (Runway) and Leeks (Triton) in the raised bed and used copious amounts of duck tape to seal the edges of the  cover to the board surround.    I have not seen the culprit but an animal, cat I suspect, has been finding its way under the raised bed cover and using my mini-veg plot as a toilet, hence the duck tape.

This year I have planted  Charlotte seed potatoes in a special Miracle Grow Gro-Sack, and will report later on how successful growing them this way has been, or not as the case may be.  Last year the Duke of York were very successful but I thought I would grow salad potatoes this year.

I have a pot of Anemones on the side patio and they are also beginning to flower, so shortly I will be able to take a bunch to my Mum as she loves them.  Spring is renowned for its yellows and blues and the Grape Hyacinths (Muscari) are now in flower all over the garden, which is good because my daffodils and crocus were a sorry show.

There was one job that I particularly would have like to have done this weekend and that is to move the Euphorbia, which is tucked behind the raised bed.  I quickly decided against this because I discovered  this variety has root runners and is spreading itself, throwing up new shots in the surrounding area.   I figured it will soon be big enough to see anyway and it is clearly happy where it is.

What other seeds have I sown?   All these have been sown in cell trays in the greenhouse:-

  • Stock (Heaven Scent)  –  rose pink with double flowers with, as its name explains, has a heavenly scent.
  • Poppy (Lilac pompom) –  large, double, pale lilac flowers on tall, strong stems
  • Cornflower (Double Black) – a double maroon, almost black flower.
  • Sunflower (Jammie Dodger) –  a combination of colours with single, double and semi double blooms
  • Poached Egg Plant – I have never had any success in growing these in situ so this year am starting them off in seed cells.

What a very successful weekend of gardening it has been.

13 thoughts on “A busy Sunday as Spring has Sprung!

  1. Love those euphorbias – the acid green works so well this time of year.


  2. I have to confess that I did no gardening this weekend! Having done nothing but all week it was really rather nice just to potter about with other stuff. But now I feel guilty – so thanks for that! Can’t make my mind up about flowering currants. There is a huge one here in our new garden and I can’t decide whether I like it or hate it, though I seem to be swinging to the former. Lovely photos, Ronnie. Dave


    1. If I could dig up the flowering currant during the summer months and just have it in the spring, I would be happy. It is so pretty, that is if you don’t mind the smell of course, but then it is just a large bush with manky leaves for the rest of the time. I envy you being able to work outside in the garden all week and have time off at weekends. I am stuck behind a desk Monday to Friday and have to juggle weekend gardening with household chores (nil points) and family visits. The grass is always greener etc etc 😉


  3. I love to see Spring bursting forth and making such a glorious display of colour and new life! Great pics of your garden flowers coming alive!


    1. Thanks Barb19 it is amazing the difference in just a week.


  4. Oh to be in England now spring is here-or something like that. The soil is still frozen in my backyard (Canadian speak for garden). Normally I would have seeds started indoors but as I’m moving this year decided not to, the estate agent wasn’t enamoured of the living room looking like a commercial greenhouse. Ultimately had to give in to my addiction and I have a large container hidden behind an armchair, it is portable so I can run it out to the garage if anyone comes over. I can’t give up on my sweet peas either and will be buying a packet of seeds tomorrow.
    Meanwhile I am trying to absorb your sunny post through my skin.


  5. You have been busy..a bit of clean up and seed sowing indoors is all I could muster due to the rain and cold that has set in and we are poised for record cold now with a hard freeze….I cannot bear to think what that will do…lovely spring blooms in your garden…the heat did in my crocus and the cold rain is weighing down the daffs…


  6. Hi Ronnie,

    A nice busy weekend indeed! Today has been easier, and hotter so it’s a good thing I took it easy and only planted instead of digging, turning and such.
    Can’t help but wonder why I have to go to work tomorrow.


    1. Oh to win the lottery. Not millions but just enough not to have to go out to work so we can spend time doing what we really want to do – gardening.


      1. Exactly! Or to be earning so much that I can work part time, that way I still work but get plenty of time at home in the garden or going out.


  7. Brilliant weather for gardening. Am weeks ahead of normal. Dry and warm weather perfect for turning over the clay soil here. So much stuff coming through early but chilly nights reminder not to get too carried away.


    1. I think the chill in the wind out of the sun today was a sensible reminder that it is still cold at night. I have known it snow at Easter so all is not safe yet.


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