Blooming Friday – Photogenic

I subscribe to a number of blogs and receive email notifications when new posts are published.  One I had today was Helen’s blog  The Patient Gardener’s Weblog, and her latest post called Blooming Friday – Photogenic.   Her photos of  a Lotus Lily and Aquilegia really are truly photogenic.   Katarina at  Roses and Stuff hosts Blooming Friday and I paid a visit to her blog to find out more about it.  Katarina writes:

“Welcome to the penultimate Blooming Friday of this season! The theme of this week is Photogenic. Is that a relevant conception when it comes to plants, you might wonder… Or is it the competence of the photographer that does it? Well, I don’t know, but seeing this is a game, let’s play! “

Memes, photography and flowers – what a wonderful combination to blog about!   It  may be the penultimate one of the season, but it is too good to miss.

There is no shortage of photos of blooms in my libraryRoses, Poppies, Aquilegia and Rudbeckia  to name but a few.   However, of all the flowers, I think that the Passion Flower really does stand out as being photographic.

From this angle:

…and this angle…

…and this angle…

…and even as a bud…

There are some absolutely wonderful photogenic blooms this Friday on Roses and Stuff – please take a look.   Thank you Katarina for hosting this meme – I am disappointed that I found Blooming Friday so late.   Also thank you to Patient Gardener for her lovely post which lead me to Roses and Stuff.


  1. These are beautiful. Passion flowers are certainly photogenic close up. And their leaves are wonderfully shaped. But it tends to grow into a lump. The leaves pile so you can’t see them separately and, in my eyes, the flowers which are fascinating singly become ugly en masse. It comes into its own as a plant (rather than constituent parts) when the fruits ripen – edible or not!


  2. Lovely flower and photos, Ronnie. I’ve not yet thought of spring; our flowers lie in wait under approx 9 feet/3.3 meters of snow in places. Makes your shots even more appealing.


  3. Oh I nearly used a photo of a Passionflower for my post but it wasn’t as good as yours. I particularly like the one with the flower kinda of its back. I am hoping my Passionflower (only 2yrs old) will have more than one flower this year so I can try and get some better photos.

    Glad you like Katarina’s blog. I used to post to the meme but life got in the way, glad I re-found it


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