Autumn’s Challenge: 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #35

 I have not written about Autumn for several weeks but by popular demand she is back this week.

By continuing a story line  I have created myself a double challenge, not only to come up with something creative to include the weekly prompt set us by Julia at Julia’s Place, but it has to tie in with previous weeks.   However, I have put my 100WCGU hat on and come up with the next episode.

 For this week’s prompt, I have  Julia has gone to topical and it is:

…the red box…

For our non-UK writers, this week sees the budget being announced and much is made of the Red Box that the Chancellor carries the budget in to the Houses of Parliament to make the announcement.

You can use any genre and must use the three words of the prompt although your piece does not have to be about finance!  Obviously you can only add a further 100 words.

Please also make sure that you have a link back here so that folks can find the others to read.


Autumn agreed to the Life Coach, not only to mollify her mother but because he was attractive and a challenge.

On her fourth visit Harry announced:  “This week is about going confidently into the future.”   He then produced three boxes explaining “Inside each box is a risk, a life experience, to assist you to leave your fears behind”.

Autumn looked at Harry with some trepidation, “I am not sure I like the sound of that.”   

Harry asked her to select just one box to open.    

 Autumn lifted the lid of the red box and read out:  “SKY DIVING”.

*I think NOT!” she exclaimed. 

11 thoughts on “Autumn’s Challenge: 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #35

  1. I like seeing this continued tale. Ha, I think not also, you couldn’t get me to do that.


  2. I almost screamed too! And then I laughed out loud. Great story.


  3. Very well done on a great piece.


  4. Well done; very clever way to get that prompt into the Autumn story.
    Hmm, will that life coach be kicked out now? Not sure that she finds him quite so attractive now. Sky diving! Autumn? HaHa, no way!


  5. End of life coach services I think. Would be for me anyway. Nice piece. Thank you.


  6. Oh, well done! You’ve captured my interest with that fascinating dialogue!


  7. I forgot to say that I love the picture you have for your header. The blues are perfect.


  8. This piece illustrates everything I hate about lifecoaches. Namely that they encourage you to go-for-it at every opportunity, push the envelope, take that leap of faith, etc… without any risk whatsoever to themselves. I think NOT as well.


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