Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

The Weekly Photo Challenge is:

What do you see around you that’s unusual?

Share a picture that means UNUSUAL to you!

Do you find that you start off with one idea and as you go along it develops into something totally different?   I dismissed the idea of walking around the streets and parks looking for something UNUSUAL – silly thought!

The dictionary definition of UNUSUAL is:

unusual [ʌnˈjuːʒʊəl]


out of the ordinary; uncommon; extraordinary an unusual design

unusually  adv
unusualness  n
My next resort was to scour through my ever increasing library of photographs for the UNUSUAL.

I  found a Willow that had been given a bizarre look by what could only have been an amateur hairdresser – UNUSUAL enough?

 Then I found a photo of ice crystals on a car roof, but I seem to recall that I have used this photo before, so it is not really so UNUSUAL.

My chain of thought took me to shapes and I started to look around the house for UNUSUAL shapes.

Stay with me…. this search took me into the kitchen where I found a brilliant idea for UNUSUAL.

Using the ” extraordinary an unusual design” definition of UNUSUAL  I fitted my camera with a +2 close up lens filter and took the following photos and wonder if you can guess what they are?

Has that made your skin feel like goose-flesh?

They look really UNUSUAL don’t they?

Guessed what they are?


It is simply the good old common or garden…..




…POTATO with eyes!

They are my Charlotte seed potatoes, which have been chitting and are now ready to plant out for delicious Summer salads.

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  1. Gret photos. The poor Willow! And those ice crystals look beautiful. I did guess what the potato sprout was before scrolling down – I’ve seen too many of them from potatoes left too long in the pantry, lol!


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