Foliage and raindrops

This last week I fell by the wayside when it cames to writing blog posts, due in the main to my first week in a new job (looking good, by the way) and getting used to early rises and coming home later.  In short, I have just collapsed on the sofa and been totally uncreative and it’s been dark so I have not had the opportunity to take photos during the week.

My Saturday morning is usually spent taking a cup of tea back to bed and catching up with reading other blogs.  I read The Gardening Blog’s post called “Foliage Follow up in March” which is a meme run by Pam at Digging.    Another was “Foliage Friday” on WellyWoman’s blog who gave credit to Christina at Hesperides Garden, so I popped across to her blog and found a lovely post for Garden Bloggers Foliage Day entitled Emerging from the snow.

A seed of an idea was then sown for a post.  It’s raining this morning, the first rain for a while now, although it is a bit feeble, almost as if it has forgotten how to rain properly.    From 5 April we have a hose pipe ban because the reservoirs are very much lower than they should be at this time of the year and we need the correct type of rain, which is steady continuous rain for a day or two to replenish the water table.  Short, sharp, downpours  are no good, the rain runs off the dry land, not soaking into the earth.

I digress, back to foliage – my idea evolved into photos of foliage with raindrops on the leaves.  Clearly it is not a good idea for a camera to get wet, so I waited for a break in the rain.

First I went into the front garden and took photos of, what I think are tulips coming through, but I don’t remember planting any bulbs in this area so I await the flower with interest.  (Update:  it’s since been suggested they could be day lilies and I seem to remember planting some odd bulbs last year).

It is more interesting in the back garden so I headed off there.   The first foliage is the Fatsia Japonica.   This is a plant that is clearly very happy growing in the corner bed along the outside of the house.  I chop it regularly so it doesn’t grow too tall, otherwise it would block the light through the window.  However, it carries on regardless totally unperturbed.

One plant, with lovely foliage, lives very contentedly in a large pot opposite the Fatsia and that is the Pieris Forest Flame.  I just love the bright red leaves when they arrive.  It is getting rather large now and I suspect this will go on my jobs to do list: “Repot the Pieris”.

Wandering around looking at other foliage, the evergreen fern Cyrtomium Fortunia is growing exceptionally well in the “fern corner”.

The Euphorbia has doubled in size in just a year and the colour is fabulous with a great burgundy tint.

I am just beginning to wonder if the tulips in the back garden are going to be blind again this year, it will be such a pity if they are.  At the moment there is just an abundant of leaf.

At this stage I became a little carried away taking photos of raindrops rather than concentrating on foliage.  The Clematis Montana Elizabeth is full of buds and raindrops.

This is where I have to apologise to true gardeners and admit to “hacking” away at the extremely overgrown honeysuckle.   It has not paid me back by dying but has produced lots of new leaves.  When I looked at this photo I noticed that you can see the bare branches behind in one of the raindrops, it is quite surprising what little things can create excitement – I feel really quite proud of this photo.

My last photo, is nothing to do with foliage but all to do with raindrops, all lined up on the Elder.

A little more gentle rain will  help all the plants and very soon there will be a lot more green and colour in the garden.  I find Spring such a joy!

11 thoughts on “Foliage and raindrops

  1. Lovely photos and congratulations with your new job.


  2. Rain makes everything looks so fresh and clean (except my mud-loving Lab). Lovely photos, Ronnie.

    I’ll keep this short — have experienced difficulty leaving a comment recently on WordPress and Blogger.


  3. Absolutely brilliant photography Ronnie!


  4. Beautiful photos of the raindrops!
    I am glad we got some rain here today.
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea’s Menagerie


  5. We too had rain today, drizzle rather than a shower, and a hosepipe ban coming in on the same date. Maybe we’ll have some decent April showers, although I think the rain is waiting for that sporting event in the summer 😉


  6. I am very envious of your rain (proper or not). I am becoming seriously worried as we’ve had not rain since last September and we are now moving into the drought period! I love your beautiful raindrop splashed foliage. Why not join in on the 22nd of this month with GBFD, Christina


  7. Stepping My Way to Bliss March 17, 2012 — 2:57 pm

    Lovely, lovely–great shots. Hope you continue to adjust well to your new schedule.


  8. Hi Ronnie,

    I hope the rain has stopped for you now… Although actually you could do with more! Here we’re unlikely to get a ban because we have Yorkshire water coming from reservoirs that will be fine. Even last year when the grass was dead pretty much across the city by June and very little rain since winter, we still had no ban.
    It’s been an OK day here, no rain so far but chillier than recently so I’ve been out taking some photos 🙂
    Have a nice weekend and then it’s back to work – bah.


  9. Ronnie these foliage images drenched in rain are amazing…so refreshing and so glad you took the camera for a walk…I too have your work schedule and find it hard to get out and only get to blogging with stored pics until the weather and daylight turn toward spring more…glad to hear your job is going well so far.


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