What a Contrast a Cloche Makes – Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast.

My blog was created with a view to sharing my garden with others, interspersed with the occasional personal post.   Over the Winter months there was very little happening in the garden to write about so the personal quotient of posts became greater than gardening posts.  Now Spring is almost upon us and everything is coming back to life, there will be a shift again towards writing about garden “stuff”.

It is such an exciting time, the earth is warming up ready for sowing seeds and the buds are bursting through, all having survived the Winter  under different conditions.  This brings me to the Weekly Photo Challenge.  There is a connection I promise you.

The challenge thrown down this week is CONTRAST : “Share a picture that means CONTRAST to you”.

What a CONTRAST a cloche makes. 

During the Winter months I have tried to carefully cover delicate plants with cloches and a layer of fleece when frost is forecasted.  Sadly, I was a little too late with the large Agapanthus in a pot on the patio. The frost got to the leaves and it is looking very sad and floppy.   This year I will separate it out and make several plants from it, although that means it will not flower until next year.

CONTRAST the plant above with the Agapanthus below which grows in the flower bed at the end of the garden.

It was housed in a cosy bamboo cloche and had a coat of fleece on chilly nights.

My favourite plant is the Peony and I carefully covered that with a bamboo cloche during the Winter months.   The CONTRAST for a plant between growing warm and snuggly under a cloche and that of one left open to the elements is amazing.

I have two Peony plants and I left one uncovered and it is interesting to see the difference/CONTRAST between the two.

The plant below was left to over-winter unprotected.  You have to look very carefully to see three tiny little shoots.

CONTRAST the above photo with this one!

 It may be too late now, but I have covered the struggling little shoots with a plastic cloche, with the hope that the warmth that provides with encouragement for them to grow large and healthy.

Then there will not be such a CONTRAST between the two plants – time will tell!


  1. good idea Ronnie I think I need to get some cloches, with the bamboo ones I was concerned the plants wouldn’t get enough light but yours seem too, they would help not only with the wind but rabbits too! Frances


  2. That is a good contrast. I have some tulips that have grown in different ways. I planted some in among some ornamental grasses, they are about 4 inches tall and the others were planted in a bare tub and are only 2 inches tall!


    • They are plastic dome cloches, they come in various sizes but the ones I use are called Victorian Bell Cloche and come in a pack of 3 for about £12. Amazon sell them if you are able to buy from them. They are really useful.


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