Capturing the Patterns Created by Nature

When I embarked on learning about photography it dawned on me that I was beginning to notice the smallest detail, things that make patterns and those that would make great shots.  Even a brick wall made me want to photograph it, something I would have ignored in the past, after all a wall is a wall you might think – wrong!  When  you have a camera with you it becomes a pattern and something to capture.

I was out in the garden this morning, the tiny little Aquilegia leaves unfurling caught my eye, and imagination.    With patterns in mind it is no surprise, when you really start to look,   that  there is a huge variety of patterns in the garden.

During my week off I have tried to post something every day and this gave me an idea for my Friday post – finding nature’s patterns.

I started with the Aquilegia – the little purple leaves reminded me of tiny little cabbages:

The sedum are bursting through the soil like tiny little rosettes.

Raindrops on leaves make a lovely pattern:

When  I looked closely at the Euphorbia I saw a pattern in the inner part of the leaf:

The minute Primrose leaves look like little caterpillars, notice the little bobble effect on the leaves. :

The last pattern I found in the garden, but I am certain there are many more, were the Anemone leaves, with their purple edging:

This afternoon, I went with a friend to Wakehurst Place.    Unfortunately, the sun failed to burn off the low lying cloud so it was a little chilly, it didn’t detract though from the tranquility and a leisurely wander.

The Rhododendrons were in bud and some were almost about to burst into flower.  I loved the pattern of the Sepal:

Last but certainly not least, there was the soft furry pattern of the Pussy Willow:

Having written a post a day I am now going to have a break for a couple of days and think about my next post which will be the Weekly Photo Challenge.   It will need some thought because the challenge is DISTORTED, but given time I will come up with something.  Until then have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Wonderful series of photos Ronnie. The raindrops are magical and the pussy willow very sharp. Great examples of patterns in plants!


  2. Patterns are everywhere we go, but sometimes we just don’t “see them” and they could be right under our nose! I have never noticed the purple edging on the Anemone leaves before I saw this photograph you took; amazing! Thanks for bringing it to my attention Ronnie!
    Great pics – all of them; I love the pussy willow because it brings back childhood memories of feeling it all lovely and soft on my skin!


  3. Lovely pictures Ronnie. Such intricate patterns! It’s good to stop and study things in detail. I particularly loved the bright pink tip of the rhododendron, and the tactile pussy willow. Isn’t nature wonderful!


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