Weekly Photo Challenge: Down #2

I was of two minds which subject to use for The Weekly Photo Challenge theme of DOWN this week.    It was a decision between posting daffodils and the poem Daffy-down-Dilly or photos of the beautiful Sussex Downs, eventually I opted for Daffodils.

Today was such a lovely sunny day, I took a drive out to Devil’s Dyke, high on the Downs above Brighton.   It is a busy spot with para-gliders and hang gliders.   As I never go anywhere without my camera these days, it was too good an opportunity to miss.  Therefore I am submitting a second entry to the challenge this week.     What goes up must come down with the Sussex Downs as a backdrop.  A tenuous link, I know but it is my interpretation of Down.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down #2

  1. Many thanks for this. I have had a lifetime interest in all forms of aviation, ranging from modern jets to some of the fledgling aircraft, and still enjoy the look of freedom this can bring. It is, for me, the smaller individual craft that I derive the greatest pleasure in seeing and the inclusion of hang gliders and para-gliders is excellent.
    Having flown on many occasions in a variety of different types It would, for me, if the opportunity arose, a straight forward choice between a para-glider or para-motor as a personal leisure craft. Simplicity being the key, but alas I think that may not come to fruition.
    An excellent set of photos which almost convey the quietness and simplicity of this ‘sport’.


  2. Wow! You remind me that in my youth I wanted to go hang gliding. I have never done it, though I did ride in a glider plane last fall. The concern, of course, is the coming down part!


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