Weekly Photo Challenge : Regret

Every Friday evening I look forward to receiving an email from The Daily Post at WordPress announcing the Weekly Photo Challenge.   It was with a little disappointment this week to see that the challenge is Regret.   I felt totally uninspired and with a great sense of regret I thought I would have to shelve the challenge this week.  After entering  the Photo Challenge every week for the last few months, this was going to have to be the one week that I didn’t participate.

Regret is such an emotive word meaning a feeling of sorrow or remorse, a sense of loss and disappointment.  It struck me as being a maudlin subject and difficult to use as a photographic challenge, but that is what a challenge is all about – to stretch us and to make us think.

I have read a number of contributor blogs since Friday and yes there is a hint of sadness in a lot of them.  It has given rise to a great deal of emotion and bloggers have written some heart searching and honest pieces to go with their photographs.  

Regret is not a word synonymous with happiness, however, some have managed to provide amusing light-hearted entries, such as buying a delicious yogurt only to find when they got home it had gone off and feeling regret at being tempted to buy it in the first place and another tells of a shrunken, highly coveted, jumper, full of regret that they put it in the tumble drier.

“Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind,”-    C S Lewis

For me, at the moment, I am feeling lots of regret and sadness following a family death just before Christmas and now my impending redundancy at work, wondering if I had taken different paths life would not be as it is now.   It’s all about taking paths isn’t it? 

We chose the path we want to take, either because we don’t have the courage to take the unknown path that  is possibly hazardous, or…

…we go down the one which we can see clearly ahead and looks safe and calm?   

All of us wonder if we have taken the right path during our lives but we should not regret our choices because  if we had taken different paths, the good things in our life would not have happened.   There are many paths I do not regret taking  otherwise I would not have my wonderful daughters and beautiful grandchildren.   This small collage is of  my grandchildren as babies, quite understandably my daughter is not too comfortable having their present photos on the web.

On a lighter note, there is a big regret of mine and that is not looking after the side garden gate.  I am baring my soul here and admitting to leaving the gate until it was beyond repair.  I now have a new gate,  and regret having to have spent more money on that than I would have done on a pot of paint!

T.S. Elliott  said :

“Footfalls echo in the memory down the passage which we did not take towards the door we never opened into the rose-garden.”

Therefore, rather than regret not opening the door to the rose-garden, I am going to open it for you now.

Finally, whilst writing about regret there was one song that started to go around my head, the wonderful Edith Piaf  signing  “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”.    I am an enormous fan of Edith Piaf and this is such an emotive song – please take some time out to listen to it and I hope you like it.

38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Regret

  1. Hmm, so much easier to post about something more cheerful. I think you really rose to the challenge, regret can be a corrosive influence.

    I am sorry for your family loss Ronnie, and the impending loss represented by redundancy. I hope you find new paths opening up for you.

    I too have a Gate of Shame that has to be replaced…


  2. Such a wonderful post on “regret”. I also thought of skipping this week’s theme, but later decided to post something to answer the challenge. Your post is inspiring.
    The photographs of the flowers were vividly taken! Colorful!


  3. Once I receive the email I no longer go and look for an image to use straight away. Instead I wait until Sunday or early Monday before posting. As I walk my dogs three times a day I can think about what image I’m going to use and then what I’m going to say…sometimes I do it the other way round


  4. An honest, open, moving post on “regrets.” Sorry to hear about the death of a family member. Loosing a love is always sad with regrets of not spending enough time, or enough words, or enough love before the passed away. I never get the chance to say good bye to my grandma before she died . That is one of my regrets. Beautiful granddaughters. Love you post! Thanks..Happy Valentine’s Day….wishing you all the love and happiness my friend.


  5. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. But soon after I went to Switzerland, my husband was driving trucks. An idiot on a motorbike came the wrong way on the freeway in Belgium, playing chicken with the truck. We swerved three times then the heavy laden trailer clipped the support of a flyover at a spaghetti junction.
    That always focuses my mind, just a few seconds earlier or later, faster or slower, stop to rest or drive on. If we’d been ON the flyover. I wish, but if I had, the whole story would have unwound differently.
    The T S Elliot quote is magical. Wishing you strength and courage for the immediate future!


  6. I bought a slice of cake yesterday that looked very promising & it was peanut butter chocolate fudge cake, it was so sickly I had to leave it and I wished I’d gone for the Victoria Sponge!

    Well done on your post


  7. Well said and beautifully written. As you know, I too had a hard time with this theme…nice to see I wasn’t alone. : ) Great photos too!


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