Weekly Photo Challenge : Ready

Up until the weekend we have had a very mild winter.  We are suffering from a very cold snap now which is coming across from Eastern Europe.  At the moment the temperature in Russia is about  -21 °C and we have been told to expect the coldest night of the Winter so far.  That will be a little warmer than Moscow at a balmy -4 °C on the South Coast but for us still very cold.

Pity the poor plants in our gardens who have been falsely lulled into believing that Spring is  just around the corner.  I have been out covering everything I could find with layers of fleece and a great deal of hoping that the little shoots do not perish in the freeze.

Not one to miss out on the Weekly Photo Challenge,  and as this week’s challenge is READY, I have decided to use the photos I took last weekend of some of the plants in my garden that are throwing up shots and buds ready to burst into life when Spring finally arrives.

Buds on the Elder Tree

A buddy Daffodil

Tiny little Delphinium

Having enlarged this I think I need to watch the snails,  it is very possible that they are being treated as a delicacy!

Daffodils waiting to flower in their glory

My most favourite of them all – the lipstick buds of the Peony

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Ready

  1. These macro photo are so vividly stunning. I could almost smell the fresh flowers, the rich soil of the earth, and of the feeling of happiness that hope and Spring brings.
    Thank you. Best wishes.


  2. You really managed to capture the detail in these photographs. Great job! Nature has so much to offer and sometimes we fail to really ‘see’. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Gorgeous photos! I hope that the layers of fleece work and the little shoots don’t freeze. Good luck and bundle up yourself too.


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