Meeting the Life Coach – 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #29

“Let’s meet for lunch in the restaurant tomorrow.”

“That’ll be great Mummy, it’s been ages since we’ve seen each other.”

Putting a smile in her voice to lighten it, Sally confirmed “1 o’clock then, I’ve someone interesting I want to introduce you to.”

It was with a double take Autumn clocked the handsome, silver haired man sitting at the table with her Mother.

“I am intrigued, what are you up to?” Autumn asked suspiciously as she greeted her Mother, at the same time giving Sally’s guest a dazzling killer smile.

“I would like you to meet your Life Coach, Harry Wednesday.”

Julia at Julia’s Place has given us just one word this week for the 100WCGU (Word Challenge for Grown Ups) and that word is Wednesday.   The challenge is to write a short creative piece using just 100 words plus the prompt word.

Click on the 100 Word Challenge logo to take you to her blog where you can read how the others have used Wednesday in their writing.

More and more people take up the challenge each week –  go on have a try!  It’s great fun.


  1. Thank you everyone for your lovely feedback. Autumn is becoming a great character in my head and its fun that her future is constrained by Julia and her prompts. Keep following guys there is more to come!! 😉


  2. Was interesting as I wondered how Wednesday would be brought into the storyline. 🙂 It seems a number of us used Wednesday as a name. We would have had to think again had Julia used another day with much less common use as a name. I’m glad it was Wednesday as it brought back memories of Wednesday in the Old Addams Family show. 🙂


  3. I still think she’s going to have him for breakfast. Poor Harry Wednesday is going to need a psychiatrist by the time she’s finished with him! Look forward to the next installment!


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