Sally’s Plan – 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #28

This is the continuing tale of the beautiful, titan haired, Autumn, who inherited her grandfather’s treasured Burger Bar.   She announced she was turning it into a vegetarian restaurant but instead of taking the time to make a business out of it, she took off and partied much to the great despair of her family.  

I love the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups and  have great fun using the word prompts that Julia gives us each week.  Writing a new piece to add to the Autumn’s tale using only 100 words certainly is a challenge.  

Autumn is becoming quite popular with readers and hopefully I will be able to build an interesting story, with everyone eagerly waiting for the next episode.


Our words this week are you bought her what  with no punctuation so it can be used whichever way we want.


Sally’s Plan

It wasn’t an onerous task calling the family together.   A three-line whip wasn’t necessary, Sally knew everyone was concerned.    It was held on the rare occasion that Autumn was at the restaurant.   Whether it was working or socializing they didn’t much care, the fact she was there was a relief.

They were eager to hear Sally’s plan for her wayward daughter.

“We can’t believe what you bought her.  What made you decide on a life coach?”

Sally, delighted with herself, explained he will help Autumn take stock of how to manage her working and social life.

They all beamed.


Please hop over to Julia’s Place and take time to read the varied, clever and interesting contributions to this weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups.   

When you have done that can I suggest that you then visit   It is the original 100 word project and is for children under 16.    They desperately need  more people to comment on these amazing pieces of work written by children.   Also it would be great to spread the word – the more people involved the better. 

14 thoughts on “Sally’s Plan – 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #28

  1. Firstly – how clever to split the prompt over those sentences! Brilliant! I like the fact that you have set the scene for another chapter in the autumn story too! This is such fun R!


  2. I think Autumn is going to love (?!) this present. Cannot wait for the next piece . . .


  3. I’ve not read what has come before this, but I see we are in cliffhanger territory! Why am I thinking of the Archers…


  4. Now that sounds like EXACTLY what Autumn needs! Maybe it will take the pressure off the family – they won’t have to be the ones to rein her in after all! Although my mind is already twisting and turning around the possible outcomes of a lifecoach…


  5. Good one- I wonder if Autumn will be reined in; I suspect not just yet ! You do so well to tie in with your character; I tend to be rather more random in my approach!


  6. Haha – you can’t buy someone a lifecoach, they have to seek out the lifecoach themselves to show how much they really want to change. Doomed to fail 🙂


  7. I do love to hear what is up with Autumn!


  8. Oooh a potential romance or romantic tension. I’ve been drawn into the saga and can’t wait to find out what happens next. Clever how you played with the punctuation and I love the solution for Autumn, a life coach. =)


  9. This is a fun read. love ow you weave the words into your piece. 😉


  10. I’m not sure that life coach is fully aware of what he’s let himself in for. Hell be a gibbering wreck by the time Autumn has finished with him.


    1. Well you never know, and we do have Valentines Day coming up soon 😉


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