Alphabe Thursday – I is for Iced Plants

The expression the best laid plans of mice and men, rings true this week.   I seem to recall that on last week’s Alphabe I said that I guess this week will be the letter I and therefore I will have a whole week to think about something to write.   It is Thursday evening and despite during the last week coming up with several  ideas of writing about Independence, or Inspiration or Intellectual things I am sitting here with no ideas at all…. zilch, nada, zero.   I wanted to do something other than just post photographs, that’s an easy way out and I do a lot of that just lately.

Before writing this post I took a look at Jenny’s blog and saw that the picture she has used this week is about Ice…

I is for the ice where we skate at winter time”.

ICE it is then.

Recently I have waited for some really Icy mornings so I could rush out with my camera before work and practice taking Icicle photos.   Earlier this week I was quite excited, I thought I was in luck, when there was a lot of Twittering about how beautiful the frost was making gardens and plants look.   I  was really  disappointed to only find some frost on our grass, no opportunity for Icy photos, this week – how sad.

Thursday is nearly over and I did want to contribute to this week’s Alphabe.  I am going to cheat a little and go back a year, well just over actually, to December 2010.    We had a lot of snow early December 2010 and when I went to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, everything was ICY.  The Euphorbia looked as though they had just come out of the Ice box.

Just to show how really cold and icy it was, the pond was also frozen solid, a sight you do not see very often.

For those not interested in anything horticultural, how about this photo?  Try and guess what it is.

Isn’t it just beautiful?  Look at the pattern the ice makes.

What is it?

It is the Ice on the roof of the car.

Please visit Jenny’s blog and take time to read some of the really interesting posts based on the letter I

18 thoughts on “Alphabe Thursday – I is for Iced Plants

  1. What a chilly series of photos! I’m all about the iced tea but since I live in Arizona I don’t think my tolerance to cold would let me take these pictures.

    So I shall enjoy your vicariously…

    And thank you for a lovely link to the letter I.



  2. Lovely photos, I particularly like the ice on the car roof, I’d never have guessed. I’m not surprised that you had to go back a year to two to find good ice pictures, my un insulated greenhouse still hasn’t seen a temperature below 0C, and I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of frosts we have had this winter so far.


  3. It’s cold and icy here tonight, but I know I’d never be able to shoot photos as lovely as yours.
    Every time I see your blog name I smile, as I am hurtling towards 60 this year!


  4. Thank you for your lovely comments. It really means a lot when people stop long enough to say hi. The afternoon at Sir Harold Hillier Garden was a really really cold one and my friend was getting irritated with me because I was stopping to take photos. 🙂


  5. What an envious observation you have! It looks like the icy, snow, and cold weather did not discourage you to make beautiful photos. Thank you!


  6. A perfect word for winter…ice. It amazes me from time to time how lovely ice in winter can be. For those of us who enjoy seasons, ice in definitely a mainstay of the garden. Your images are lovely!


  7. Love that last photo…great texture. And the others are nice too…I get fascinated with icy subjects. They’re a good challenge for getting proper exposure, focus, etc.


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