100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #27

A very tough task was set this week by Julia at Julia’s Place.  One that I am sure has worried a lot of people because we bloggers like to be nice to everyone.  We don’t want to lose “friends” by being derogative, disagree with what has been written or  critical.  In fact Him Up North posted a brilliant piece this week which examines that perfectly.  It is easier to not leave a comment if we disagree rather than leave a controversial comment. That takes a brave and very self-confident person.

What was the task you ask?

This week, we were told we are to be critics and choose a piece from last weeks 100 Word Challenge and write a critique of it.   It is not easy to take someone’s carefully and thoughtful written piece and give it a critical review.   Initially the thought of a critique is that it should contain an element of fault and negative judgement but  in truth it should also award recognition.

This particular post may not, perhaps, be  interesting to my blog followers who are hoping for something about the garden or  photographs.   However, it is  good for me because it tests not only creative writing but also an ability to  give a fair analysis of something that has been written by someone else.

I chose the 100 WCGU called Acceptance Speech written by Sally-Jayne at sjbWriting.wordpress.com.

Deep breath and here we go…….

To be able to say “I told you so”  is a great satisfaction in life.

This vignette in only 105 words gives a great insight into what the character is thinking.  How often do we all wish we could go back to our teachers who told us we would amount to nothing and put them right?

Sally-Jayne didn’t fall into the trap of using the 5 prompts in the order they were given.  She managed to write a clever story by sensibly rearranging the words.

We know how thank you Oscar speeches ramble on and it was an inspired last sentence.

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Julia also hosts a 100 Word Challenge to encourage creative writing for young people under the age of 16.  Please pay a visit to that blog there are some incredible entries from schools that are taking part from primary upwards.


  1. This is such a great review that I’m pleased that I set this challenge. Thank you so much for the mention of 100WC for the children. They deserve comments because they are brilliant!


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