Weekly Photo Challenge : Peaceful

The Weekly Photo Challenge is PEACEFUL this week.   I have already taken a look at a number of the contributions this week and it is really interesting how the majority of photographs are scenes of rivers and the sea.   To us, therefore being peaceful is synonymous with water.   For a lot of us wanting peace and quiet we often run a bath, light candles and have gentle music in the background.   A great many of us go to favourite places, such as the local river, or the sea, and sit quietly to contemplate or just think about nothing for a while.  It’s good to let the world just go by without us having to join in.

The adjective for PEACEFUL is to be tranquil and free from disturbance.   To be in a state of peace and feel serene.

I trawled through my library to shift out the photographs I have taken in the last year that bring back PEACEFUL memories and had a wonderful time just recalling happy, calm and quiet moments.

In April I went to Herm, part of the Channel Islands.   There are very few people who live on the island, and the cars you can count on one hand.  It is full of beautiful secluded beaches, the epitome of tranquility.

My next selection of PEACEFUL photos are from a weekend in Buckingham.   This little town has the River Great Ouse running through it with  very pretty walks along the river bank.

Feeling calm?  I know I am just looking at these photographs.

The next set are seascape photographs.  The first one is Clevedon Pier, in Somerset, taken on a day when the estuary running up to Bristol was becalmed.

I live near the sea, actually it is so near it is just down the road from me.   There are some great parts of the Sussex Coast and one of them is Middleton-on-Sea.   It is accessed via a private road which is closed to cars most of the year and therefore an unpopulated spot.   The sea in the evenings has a beautiful calmness about it and is an ideal place to be for meditative moments.

Gardens are known for their ability to create a sense of calm and peacefulness so this post would not be complete without photos of a few gardens.   The first one is  National Trust’s Sheffield Park, with combination of fabulous trees and lakes.

Sitting on a bench in a garden, just being still and taking in the surroundings is a great way to gain inner peace.   Denmans Garden near Fontwell is a favourite of mine.

Finally,  to show that whilst water is a favourite place for peace and tranquility, the  countryside and incredible landscapes in England are outstanding for stillness and serenity.   The Sussex Downs serve to remind us that we live in a green and pleasant land.

A smile is the beginning of peace

Mother Theresa

55 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Peaceful

  1. “A smile is the beginning of peace…” Everything about this post made me smile. The beach, the flowing waters, the green and serene country side…just a breath of fresh air. Your are so lucky to live close to the waters. It’s been my dream to grow old with my family along the the beach one day. Thanks for today’s inspiration. Stay blessed.


  2. I am so impressed that you can produce a portfolio of photos like these on one subject. I particularly loved the ones of the sea. Perhaps it is time I stopped using my camera only for my garden and got out a bit more!


  3. Hello Hurtled. I do feel very calm now after perusing all of your photographs here for this Peaceful challenge! I love the shots you chose.


  4. What a gorgeous selection of very peaceful photos! The Clevedon Pier photo is my favorite. Great entry into the challenge!


  5. Beautiful! I wished I had the opportunity to visit those places, it’s one thing seeing them from afar and completely another when you’re there. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  6. Very beautiful set of photographs you have here… Stunning park!

    And that popular bench on this week’s challenge, I want to sit in there to just relax and enjoy the view…

    The Sussex Downs is seemingly a beautiful place to live in… 🙂


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