Autumn’s Auction Shocker: 100 WCGU – Week #26

The 100 Word Challenge this week was to use the words aghast, aquamarine, aeroplane, acted and after  plus the normal 100 words.   Having not written about our friend Autumn and her exploits for a few weeks I thought it was time to bring her back.  

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Whilst sitting in the hotel lounge, mindlessly thumbing through the auctioneer’s catalogue, Autumn’s mother found herself staring aghast at the full page coloured photograph of her grandmother’s Art Deco diamond and aquamarine brooch.

It was unmistakable and the last time she saw it was on the lapel of her daughter’s coat as she boarded the aeroplane to London.   Autumn clearly had acted fast to get to the auction house in time for it to be in this month’s issue.

After regaining her equilibrium, Sally decided it was now time to rein Autumn in.   How, was the question and initially an urgent family conference was important.


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  2. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about Autumn. She is definately a character that is developing and its great fun to rise to the challenge (when Julia’s prompts allow) and write more about her and her family. Who knows where this will lead!!


  3. Oh you cheeky girl! You have set this up brilliantly for another series of episodes. Great introduction of another character! I’d love to see that brooch!


  4. I enjoyed your story and wrote about it for this week’s challenge (critique a piece from last week). I left off the ‘s when I entered the link into mister linky on Julia’s page, so sorry about that!

    Here’s what I wrote.


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