Alphabe Thursday: H for Hebe, Hellebore and Heather

Last week was my first venture into Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe Thursday.   It really shouldn’t have taken me by surprise that this week’s letter   would be  H   especially as last week was G.   Elementary dear Watson.

Help!   This morning, I was faced with having promised myself I would join in again but  was totally without any inspiration.

After fuelling my sleep heavy brain with the all necessary early morning cup of tea, I had to think fast to get a post on the blog before Thursday was over.   It was still dark outside and 8:30 a.m. sees me leave the house and I am not back home until late when it is dark again.    As soon as it was light enough to take a photo I hurried outside with my camera.

Wandering around the garden for some  hint it hit me!   Even though it is Winter I had plants in the garden that were flowering, why not take photos of them?

Here they are:-



I am somewhat puzzled over this plant,  I bought this plant from Morrisons a few weeks ago.  The label says Hellebore Nigra, but I thought Hellebore Nigra is supposed to have very dark, almost black flowers, hence the name Nigra.    Could it have had the wrong label?  There were several plants and they all had the identical label.  Oh well, its pretty and I like Hellebores and it will spread also  so well worth the £5 I paid for it.


White Heather

By rights heather should not be growing in my garden, the soil is all wrong.   Despite that, it grows and spreads with great happiness.   This summer I cut it right down because it was getting untidy.  This has not deterred it and is growing again.  Clearly lucky white heather.   “Be lucky da’lin’..” as they gypsy would say.



Now I am going to cheat.  I could show HOLLY again, but I feel I have used up all my lives as far as that is concerned.   Wanting to have a third photo I suddenly remembered the Hebe that I shot on Worthing beach last week.

This exceptionally hardy Hebe is growing on the beach just down the road from me.   Battered by strong winds and high seas it doesn’t seem to care what is thrown at it.   Clearly, it is a really hardy plant.

Now I am in the Alphabe game, I will have a week  now to think of  that is if there is a pattern to Jenny’s meme.     Please take a look at the other posts which is a brilliant way to discover new blogs.


  1. Oh wow. What lovely pictures! Those are three of my favorite plants! Your photography is really excellent. The light and texture of the flowers is really amazing!

    Thanks for a happy little link to Alphabe-Thursday!

    It was fun seeing you here!



  2. I enjoyed your photos, your Hellebore is gorgeous!!! and how lovely that it is blooming now … mine doesnt even have buds yet! You managed to come up with a fantastic “H” post!


  3. Great photos!
    I especially like Hellebore as it blooms in the coldest part of the winter. Yours is very pretty!
    I’ll be checking back next week to see what you do with the “I” prompt.
    Mississippi, USA


  4. I’m always impressed by people who know the proper names of plants… that first one, looks like a begonia to me, but I’m almost certain I’m wrong, says she of the brown thumb. Haha. Lovely post.


  5. Well it’s great to see how creative you can be when faced with the horribles what shall I write about! excellent H’s!


  6. I’m visiting from Jenny Matlock, A-T and see you were able to find ample ‘H’s’ to use. I am very impressed by your ‘H’ photos. I had thoughts when I joined last week for the first time to come up with words that would be new to me but good old everyday seems easiest right now.


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