Weekly Photo Challenge : Launch

One word can mean many things and is open to a variety of interpretations.    It is this that makes the Weekly Photo Challenge so interesting and challenging, just as it says on the tin.   This week the prompt is LAUNCH.     I try to make it a rule not to look at other bloggers ideas until I have decided what I am going to do, but this week I did see a few of the contributions.   People have been very busy and original with their photos and the concept of LAUNCH were in abundance,  from a new health regime to hot air balloons.    Fortunately none of these were ideas I had in mind but it still left me searching for something different.

Launch means:

  • to initiate –  get going into a career or idea
  • to introduce to the public  – book launch
  • to throw or propel with force
  • to enter enthusiatically into something
  • a large open motor boat

Lots of ideas there!

Armed with my camera I set off to Shoreham, the home of houseboats, (Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows) and usually lots of wind and kite surfers.  IDEA #1: LAUNCH = surfers launching into the water and into the sky.    No such luck,  there was no wind so no sign of of a surf board or kite.   Drat, that was that idea knocked on the head.  Back to the car I went,  and drove a little further along the Shoreham coast, still searching for inspiration.

As I pulled into a car park, I spied two guys with canoes  IDEA #2: LAUNCH = canoeists launching into the river.   By the time I parked up, gathered my camera, paid for the car park ticket, I was too late.  They were already in the water.

PING!  IDEA #3:  I spied seagulls, there is never any shortage of them around and it was good practice to get the camera settings right for fast moving objects.

The young seagulls are easily recognised by their mottled brown feathers and they were flying around with their parents.  Now as large as Mum and Dad, when you watch them all together, it is quite clear that the fledglings have more to learn about the art of flight.

My take on LAUNCH this week, is  cumbersome, overweight adolescent seagulls launching themselves into the sky.

When there is a launch there is also a landing.

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Launch

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  4. Great shots of the seagulls Ronnie! Why are they overweight? The people of Shoreham must be feeding them too much!😉
    I love the way you put this post together, leading us up to the eventual ‘launch’.


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  7. Ronnie, this is a good photo representation of the word. I got a comment on my post about joining the weekly challenge and the daily posts. I think it is because I clicked to see what they were about on WP. Sounds like fun, but it must be hard to do posts like that. Nice photos of the gulls.


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  11. wow..amazing shots…loved the way you described the whole thought process behind the pics…..esp the last shot …so true that every launch has a landing…..interesting!!

    also thanks for the share🙂


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