100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #25 : Sartorial Mishaps

Week #25 in Julia’s place 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is a photograph with the instructions write as the person who is arrowed in the following photograph.

How do I get it wrong every time?  I always manage to be the odd one out.

The invitation clearly stated that dress was “Sartorial Mishaps”.   I have never heard of sartorial before and assumed it was another word for satirical.   I thought I was being really clever wearing cream coloured fishnet tights and an old Rah-Rah skirt in shocking pink and orange.

What makes them so special in their matching designer jeans?   They are just a horrid gang of smug giggling girls.

To make matters worse, why did I wear these open toed Converse boots, they are so uncomfortable.

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23 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #25 : Sartorial Mishaps

  1. I know how she feels about being the odd one out. Love the outfit she chose – open toe converse – great stuff!


  2. Not sure she understands satirical either! 😉 Great take on the prompt R. Interesting how lots of this week’s entries have a group of unpleasant girls despite their smiles!


    1. I’ll let you into a secret but you mustn’t tell! This is based on a true story. I didn’t know what sartorial meant and still cringe with embarassment when I remember what I turned up dressed in, when all the others were in evening dress and dinner jackets. 😉


  3. I thought she was looking in her ‘mates’ bag! But boots work even better! A well thought out and carefully crafted piece that deserves another read. Great!


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