Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

I only have to take a quick look around my house and garden to see all the jobs that are WAITING  for me to get on with.   I did think to take a photo of my garden gate, which is WAITING to be replaced, but I am too embarrassed to show to the world the state I have let it get into.

Actually when I look further there are just too many things WAITING for me to do.   This week’s challenge has proved to be two-fold, after finishing this post, I will set to and make inroads into jobs WAITING for me… well that’s the intention anyway.

These are just a few of the things WAITING  for me, that I don’t mind sharing:

Job #1 waiting for me to fix:

Two  tiles came away from the bathroom wall last week and although I went out that same day to buy all the correct equipment for fixing them back on to the wall, it is still WAITING  in the kitchen.    Not much use there, I know.

Job #2 waiting for me to put away:

This is what happens to the sun parasol which was WAITING for me to take down.   It was a “bit” windy last night and to open the curtains this morning and see it look like this, I couldn’t help but laugh.    I have cheated slightly with this job because it has now just been done.  I took this photo earlier and have  put it away in the shed.

Job #3 waiting for me to finish:

I have a few weeks in which to finish these mittens for my granddaughter.  They are WAITING  to be sewn up, the ears put together, whiskers put in place and a white pom-pom tail attached.   In all likelihood, she will refuse to wear them, such is the way of children, but she can use them as glove puppets. Also if she does lose one mitten she still has another that can be played with.

Job #4  waiting for me to plant:

My friend Kate, knocked on my door a little while ago and offered me some bulbs, which I took from her with thanks.   They are Fritillaria Meleagris and  WAITING for me to put into the ground.  It is sunny, but cold, here and I will plant the bulbs this afternoon.


While we are talking about WAITING, when I went out into the garden this morning, I saw an abundance of  snails.    It has rained quite a lot over the last few days and the garden is extremely wet, just the right conditions for slugs and snails.   These little critters are just WAITING to nibble anything that looks as though it might grow into something nice.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

  1. Excellent selection and I love the pictures too.. Your sun parasol put a smile on my face… I loved it. 🙂
    TY for your patience as I have been adjusting to a changed schedule in my life … Glad to comment again. 🙂


  2. Hi,

    Waiting… There’s a lot of that happening around this house! Lots of jobs just like yours which really ought to have been done months if not years ago and here I am still waiting.

    It’s easy when you’re busy/working to ignore things and days stretch into weeks, months and beyond.

    I’m attempting to start the annual clear up ready for Christmas; need space for the tree and other decorations!


  3. Like the picture of the snail the best and had thought the art of knitting was long lost with my mothers generation. 20-30 years ago. Nice one 🙂


  4. Great photos which depict all of your waiting – now you just have to get going and do them!
    Love the umbrella shot – but at least that job is done now, so you are getting there!


  5. Very good idea! There are hundreds of jobs at our house that are ‘waiting’ for me to finish them. Those mittens are the cutest things ever. Great entry. 😉


  6. Nice selection. I really love the snail photo. 🙂 I am heading out today to find my own waiting photo, that I am certain is waiting somewhere…


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