A Conversation with Granny – 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #21

The 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups this week is a photograph  – I love it!!

Sometimes I find it easier to go with my first thought rather than ponder and try to be clever.    What came to mind immediately was the conversation I had with my 5 year old grandson a few weeks ago when he was showing me the garden shed in their new garden.

With apologies to my daughter, there is a certain poetic licence here – the shed is not tumbled down as the photo might suggest but it was an excellent trigger for this weeks written piece.

My grandson has an incredible imagination and rattles off words, hardly taking in breath, in fact they tumble out and are often repeated but 100 words doesn’t allow for the full conversation.

This is what he had to tell me about plans for the shed, for him and his sister, aged 18 months.  To be read in an enthusiastic tone….


“When Mama empties the shed it’s going to be our restaurant [breath] come round the back, Granny, I’ll show you where the security lights will go.”

“Why do you need lights, Jamie?”

“Because if people don’t pay and try to leave the back way the lights will come on and stop them [breath] if you want real food I will serve you and if you want pretend food then Scarlett will serve you [breath] I developed a Droid 6000 to put in the corner and it will do the cleaning.”

“What are you going to serve in your restaurant?”

 “Food, Granny!”


For those of you hoping for another episode  in The tale of Autumn,  there will be more next week.  Julia can throw what she likes at us, I will find some way to write about Autumn and her antics.

Please visit Julia’s Place and read the brilliant and clever contributions to this weeks 100WCGU.

The photograph is from a photoblog called The Incredible Lightness of Seeing.  Please take a look at her wonderful photographs.



  1. Thank you so much for this Ronnie! It is so typically child-like with plans of the future and everything so certain. I love the demarcation of the roles ( just wait until Scarlett is older!) It also took the prompt to another place that is so different from the others!


  2. This young man will do well in life, of this I’m sure! There is no pullng the wool over his eyes and he shows ambition at a very young age. i have a feeling that the shed is no longer Mummy’s and she had better keep her eye on the garage too!

    A fabulous post – I love hearing a child’s voice in text and especially when they speak so freely.

    Thank you for the follow btw 😮


  3. Aww he’s such a clever little boy with a fantastic imagination. Conversations with him must be worth more than gold to you. I hope there is lots of toy food in his Christmas stockings so he can kit out the restaurant!


  4. LOL at the Droid 6000. Of course you know all about them, and security lights. Funny that you don’t know what they serve in a restaurant though? Luckily Jamie has the patience to explain it too you. :). You are right, this is a classic and Autumn, though missed, can wait a week. Maybe Jamie’s place will be the first of Autumn’s franchises.


  5. Love the idea that a light will stop someone trying to leave without paying. Also love the very simple “food, Granny”. What else could it possibly be? Charming piece.


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