Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I have come to realise not to immediately dismiss any of the Weekly Photo Challenge prompts.    They consist of one word and it is all too easy to think  “Oh, I can’t do this one”.   That, obviously, is why it is called a challenge.   Last week was a prime example… we had BREAKFAST.     After a little  lateral thinking I came up with an idea which turned out to be very popular and photographs I felt really quite proud of.

Every Friday I check my emails waiting to receive the one from The Daily Post at WordPress.    When it arrived and I saw it was FAMILY,  I had to think hard about this one.   I have lots of photographs of my family, in particular my grandchildren, but I need my daughter’s permission to post them on my blog.     She is reticent about using shots of the children and I understand her reasons.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is something  I like to be able t0 post at the weekend, so I took a look at the photos that are gathering dust  in the picture  folder on my pc.    During my journey through trying to master the art of the camera I have taken lots of shots since July and the folder is bulging with unused photographs.     I remembered when I was in Buckingham in September, I took a lot of photos of a family of swans and this is a great way to use them.    They quality is not as good as I would have liked but here they are anyway……  A family of Swans.

I may have a second go at this challenge before the end of the weekend, but please enjoy the swans in the meantime.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

  1. Now that is one adorable family..Every photo speaks of wonder and amazement . My favorite is the 3rd, lining up and all. I’m sure when they are in flight, they are breathtaking.
    A magical and memorable Holidays to you and your family. Best wishes…


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