Reflect and Remember: 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #18

The 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups has been tough the last few weeks, but fun to do.  This week, Julia said she has made it easier for us and gave us the prompt

…lest we forget…

Very apt with Remembrance Day coming up on 11 November.   Just that phrase alone gives rise to emotions and I suspect most of us will be writing something connected with this day.  It is for that very reason, I have deliberately not read any of the contributions before posting.      I am therefore oblivious of any similarities on the theme.

Captain William Aloysius Taylor sailed to Le Harve with his Regiment on 13 February 1915.

He was wounded at Second Battle of Ypres on 8 May 1915 and died in a hospital in Boulogne on 11 May 1915.

An estimated 59,000 troops died at Ypres.

Buried in the Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, William is in one of 6,000 graves.

William left behind his wife Mary, a son, Lawrence (2 1/2) and a daughter, Jane (10 months).

He was my Grand-Uncle.

 11th November is Remembrance Day, please take time to remember,

lest we forget

all those like William then and now.

The Boulogne Eastern Cemetery : Courtesy of the War Graves Commission

Now I can go and read what others have written for the 100WCGU.

Check out these:


  1. Thank you for sharing a personal memory and family history. It is made all the more poignant when you can put a face to the name on a grave. I love the picture you have chosen too. The numbers are just too big to consider. I have been to Ypes & seen the thousands of names. So tragic.


  2. All the orphaned children, bereaved parents, widowed wives – it’s just too sad. And then there were the 2 million young women who never got married and never became mothers because all the single young men were killed. What a lot of ruined lives. The least we can do is not forget.


  3. A lovel tribute to someone who made the ultimate sacrifice.

    Thanks for stopping by Anglers Rest. William James West is the subject of the post for Wordless Wednesday; & a further post will be up tomorrow.

    Thanks for reminding me of the 100 word challenge; I’ve got just the posting!


  4. I like the way you start off very factually, and then only at the end tell us that he was a relative – it gives the piece a lot of impact and brings a tear to the eye.


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