The Shoreham Beach Houseboats – Weekly Photo Challenge : Windows

The most exciting thing about The Weekly Photo Challenge is that I am discovering places in and around the town I live.     Last week, I discovered an old graveyard when locating shots for the prompt Hidden.

This week the prompt is Windows.

I didn’t hesitate, I knew immediately I was going to take a look at the houseboats moored on the mud flats at Shoreham Beach.   Friends have often said how weird and wonderful they were and  a must to see – it has taken me 10 years to take a look.

These incredible houseboats are build out of a collection of barges, old boats and other paraphernalia, one  is even has a coach on the upper deck.    I could have spent all day photographing the variety of windows that were used to make these homes and posted photo after photo, however, I have decided just to show a few and this post  is about windows not boats.  Maybe I can photograph them for another time.

The boat made out of a coach, is a work of art and consists of other parts of cars, the roof at the front is something that looks as though it was last in a  fairground and I am not sure where the windows came from but they are incredible.

The other shots, I have made into collages this week, so that I can include 8 photos without you having to scroll down the page forever.

These are the more bizarre, and here you can see a little more of the oddity above.

These are a few of the more normal, whatever that is for Shoreham House Boats.