Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I found Ashley’s photographic blog a few weeks ago, and for the last two Sundays have contributed to her Scavenger Hunt Sunday on my other blog,  A New Decade Dawns.   I started a New Decade with the intention of solely displaying photos as I travel the journey of learning how to use my camera.    The lines are in danger of getting blurred because Scavenger Hunt Sunday requires words too, and that is not the point of the other blog.  So, from this weekend I have decided to enter my photos and words using my Hurtled blog.

What is Scavenger Hunt Sunday?  At the beginning of each week we are given 5 prompts to inspire us to take creative photos.  This week the prompts are:

Macro   *   Found Texture (natural textures, not applied)   *   Home  *    Cover     *   Tree

It’s been a busy week at work and I haven’t had a lot of time or the opportunity to hunt for photos this week.   Yesterday I took my camera down to the beach and set my own personal challenge to find all five interpretations  in one place.


There is no shortage of pebbles on our beach, and the seaweed was in abundance this weekend.


This prompt is for natural textures, rather than the cleverly applied textures that can be added to photos after they have been taken, via PhotoShop or similar programs.  I laid down on the beach to get this shot!!

  • HOME

This one was difficult, how could I find an interpretation of HOME when on the beach.   A spot of lateral thinking came into play when I saw the fishing boats.   We are very lucky to have local fishermen who sell their fresh catch on the beach.  My HOME photo then is the boats, up on the beach, home from a night’s fishing.   A bit tenuous but I hope it is acceptable, I am really pleased with this photo, I think it looks like a painting.


The sailing boats at the sailing club were my next port of call along the beach, where I found lots of covers.

  • TREE

There are not a lot of these by the beach, and certainly not a single tree so in the spirit of artistic licence, this photo is of more than one tree.  They are all at an angle, blown that way by the wind off the sea.

So there you have them, my interpretations for  Scavenger Hunt Sunday.   Now I have a week to find FOOD,  PURPLE,  IN DISGUISE,  SHAPES and PHOTOGRAPHER’ S  CHOICE.

Some of the photos I have  linked to the blogs belonging to those who have suggested the above items.    Please take the time to check them out too, there are some incredibly clever photographers out there.


  1. Love, love, love the name of your blog!
    Laying down on those rocks must have been uncomfortable, but was totally worth the shot you got! I love all your lateral thinking and artistic license. Totally works for me!


  2. …I just wanted to add that I have been looking thru your photos on your blog here and have come to the conclusion that I need to keep up with your creations. I am your newest follower.



  3. I REALLY like your “found texture” capture. The perspective and angle makes the shot so intriguing. And your “home” photo DOES look like a painting…a beautiful capture.



  4. Hi Ronnie

    Not sure how I’ve missed your blog before as you seem to participate in GBBD like me and most of your UK blogs that you follow I read now and again aswell. I do the opposite to you – my scavenger hunt photos are always on my photography blog rather than my gardening and nature one.

    Your hunt photos are so good. I love the perspective you’ve taken that found texture one from with those beach huts down the right hand side. I always love studying little beach pebbles and seeing all their textures and patterns.


    • I wanted to keep my other blog for photos only and I felt Scavenger Sunday has a lot of written blub on it – also I have more followers to share the photos with on Hurtled. Glad you found me anyway. I love your blogs your photos are wonderful


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