Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

I always look forward to Friday and  the Weekly Photo Challenge.   So when I found this week’s title was OPPORTUNITY I have to admit that my heart dropped slightly,  how on earth was I going to capture that one?   Obviously a lot of lateral thinking was going to be needed.   My next step was to look up definition of Opportunity in the dictionary:  my eye caught A Chance; A Prospect and A situation favourable for the attainment of a goal.   Armed with that idea, I trawled through my library of photographs.   Whilst it’s fun to take new photos for challenges, there can always be some ideal old ones, so why not use them.

I found a lot of photos that fall within the challenge so here are my contributions for this week:

  • A Photo Opportunity

This is my grandson, taken a few years ago.   Is this an opportunity for a photographer in the making?

  • A Feeding Opportunity

This little duck was determined to make the most of the opportunity of any crumbs falling from our table.

  • A Painting Opportunity

I found this photo in my Guernsey folder.    As we walked along the headland we came across a bluebell wood which was full of artists taking the opportunity to capture the beauty of the bluebells.

  • A Perfect Opportunity

My granddaughter, surrounded by balloons, is looking for the perfect opportunity to grab one.

…. and finally

  • An opportunity to sail away


  1. Aren’t grandkids just the best? We only have one, but he’s the light of our lives.
    I want to be the woman working among the irises.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (Christine M. Grote).


  2. great collection of opportunities… and seet little gerandchildren… There is the opportunity for you to mentor the next generation of photographers and balloon creature makers.


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