Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

I am away at the moment, with only my digital compact camera and my mobile (cell) phone by my side.  I feel frustrated not having my SLR which has become part of me recently.  The compact is ok but since I’ve been learning to use the bells and whistles on the SLR it seems very basic  just to point and shoot.  I have proved to myself though that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a fancy or a simple camera, the secret is the composition. 

I had a quick check in of my emails this afternoon and saw a number of contributions to the Weekly Challenge this week entitled Comfort and made a mental note to enter the challenge when I get home on Monday evening.   Then as I left my father’s study, I notice the chair by the window, it was covered with a sheepskin and had ‘COMFORT’ written all over it.   Funny things happen when you get into photography, you suddenly notice all sorts of things you would otherwise not see.

So, my post for The Weekly Photo Challenge really is a challenge.   The photos are taken on my mobile and this post is written on my mobile too.   If it is not perfect please make allowances, this is the first time I have uploaded a post from anything but my PC.

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  1. Amazing what you can do with a phone camera nowadays. Ronnie, plenty of people never manage that good a photo with a high quality camera, so congrats! I now really want to snuggle up in a sheepskin…


  2. It certainly looks very comfy!
    I think it’s a great feeling when you master another aspect of modern technolgy! You are right about picture composition though. I am new to photography, having an idea is one thing but then trying to capture it through the lense of a the camera is another, as I discovered with falling leaves.
    I think you have captured the theme of comfort, perfectly! Hmmmm I am also away at the moment but “with” my camera…I will have to see what I can find on my camera card which embraces this theme.

    All the best


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