Weekly Photo Challenge : Fall

The Weekly Photo Challenge is always that: a challenge to come up with something different, thinking “out of the box”.  The Challenge title this week is FALL.

I have been away on a well earned break this last week in The Forest of Dean,  which is on the Welsh Border,  a beautiful part of the Country and great for walks.  The trees are just turning wonderful shades of amber and red through to yellow and the bracken is developing a lovely rusty colour.

I had a great idea to turn ‘FALL’  into a two in one photo challenge and that was to take a photo of a leaf falling from a tree that was turning due to the Fall, or Autumn as we call it in England.   Easier said than done!  I am still at the novice stage with my SLR and despite discovering how to use the continuous button, and numerous unsuccessful blurred attempts,  I failed to capture what I wanted so my contribution to ‘FALL’ is the bracken.

Just a few other interpretations of The Weekly Photo Challenge – Fall :








22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Fall

  1. i really like your bracken, soft colours, gently curving shapes, the gentle decay that leads to fresh life …well done 🙂 thanks for visiting my blog too!


  2. I have to agree with the earlier comment about the beauty that lies within death – the tones in this shot are lovely – really lovely. Thank you for the link above – a very nice gesture form you. 🙂


  3. Hi Ronnie,
    your bracken definitely speaks of ‘fall’, or autumn. i, too, have tried to capture falling leaves without much success. that seems to work best on a blustery day, when lots of them are swirling about. ideally it also happens to be sunny, and then the lighting is in your favour as well….. ah the joys of photography 🙂
    nevertheless, thank you for sharing this post – and for stopping by my blog! much appreciated.


  4. It must have been hard choosing what to photograph – the Forest of Dean is one of my favourite UK places, so magical! Did you go up to Symond’s Yat to watch the Falcons? I really should go back soon, it’s a place that can be appreciated all year round.


    1. Hi Janet, yes we did go on the Sculpture trail. We were also looking out for the Wild Boar, we saw some the evening before and people were photographing them, unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me. What a simply glorious place it is to walk.


  5. I like your bracken picture, but I probably wouldn’t have left a comment if I hadn’t seen your picture of blackberries in the header. That’s the picture I’ve been admiring. I can smell autumn just by looking at it. 🙂
    It has that part growth part decay that is autumn.


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