Seeing Red in My Garden

On the first of this month, the Twitter gang were waxing lyrical about how wonderful the month of September is, with its fresh dewy mornings and warm afternoons, not to mention fighting your way through spiders webs.   I looked at this photo for a while after I uploaded it because it didn’t look quite right, then I noticed the poor spider has a leg missing.

Everyone hopes for an Indian Summer in September, even more so this year after frankly rubbish Summer.   How wrong could we all be!  So far we have had gales and heavy rain and it has begun to feel distinctly Autumnal.

At the entrance to my front garden there is a Hydrangea with very large pink blooms.  When I came home this evening I noticed the wonderful colour that they are turning, so went inside, dropped my coat and bag and grabbed my camera before the light went.  I think the wonderful pinky/maroon tone and green tinge is just amazing, they almost don’t look real.

Having taken photos of the hydrangea I noticed that the Skimmia is packed full of red berries.  This made me look around to see what else was “red”.

On the wall down the side of the path, there is a Cotoneaster, I have always wondered how it grows so well with no nutrients but it is a very healthy plant.   This too is heavy with berries.

I was beginning to wonder how many other red berries there were in the garden.  There is an old wives tale that says if there is an abundance of red berries then we are in for a hard winter, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is not the case.  However, when I looked at the holly I saw this…

There are some other lovely red plants and fruit in the garden, and I am very relieved that the tomatoes, at long last, are slowly turning red.

The raspberries are still producing fruit.   I introduced my grandson to the raspberries, he has never had fresh fruit off a bush before and couldn’t get enough of them.  I can still hear him saying “Twist and pull” as he was picking them.

It is lovely to walk around the garden and come across something exciting.  When I went to Guernsey earlier this year I bought two large bags of bulbs from the Freesia Farm, which I put in several pots on the patio.  They produced lots of leaves and I was beginning to think they were all blind but, no, they are flowering.   Very cleverly, they are keeping with the red theme of the garden at the moment, isn’t that just great!

19 thoughts on “Seeing Red in My Garden

  1. I have some hydrangeas like yours too, they are lovely. My contoneasters all have red berries on now, the blackbirds love them and will be munching away on them throughout the autumn. Our holly has masses of berries, but they’ve not turned red yet. I will be watching them carefully because again the birds love them and it’s always a race to see whether I can cut some branches for Christmas decorations before the birds eat them all! I’ve heard that tale about the bad winters and have noticed that the last few winters which have been really bad we’ve always had lots of berries on the holly.


  2. I’d have rushed for my camera too, faced with those hydrangea flowers Ronnie. They look like they belong on some kind of posh upholstery in am upmarket lifestyle magazine! I do hope you are wrong about the winter, I loved the hoar frost we got last year, but as you said, this is not a country that deals well with snow!


    1. Oh Ester, getting around in the snow in this country is pants! They are never prepared, so clearly not gardeners. If they all saw how many red berries there are around they should be stock piling the salt now 🙂


  3. Hey Ronnie.

    Good to hear your still harvesting raspberries. They’re delicious straight from the bush, like a sweet shop!

    What variety are your raspberries? Don’t know about you, but I’ve found my late Autumn Bliss to be much tastier and productive than my early ones.


  4. I never heard the red berry tale, but am going to be on the lookout now to see how abundant they are on plants. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a hard winter for our area, so I am going to check all the plants at the farm for red berries.


  5. I wish I were seeing more red on my tomatoes – a delayed summer warm-up means lots of green tomatoes in September. I may need to bring them early to ripen inside if we get a frost!


  6. Lovely pics – the hydrangeas are a really interesting colour with that almost vintage air and you’ve really got the spider well. Whenever I try to take photos of insects and spiders they’re always pretty poor!


    1. Vintage! Thats the very word I was looking for, yes they are exactly that. As for the spider you have no idea how many photos I took to get that one. I tried almost every setting on the camera there is. 🙂


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