Borage, Bees and Blogging

When I saw an invitation on Twitter this morning (Tuesday) for anyone interesting in being a Guest Blogger,  I stuck my hand up.   “Me! I’d like to be a Guest Blogger”.

Please pay a visit to Ben Ranyard’s blog Higgledy Garden where you can read my guest post about Borage, Bees and Blogging.  Higgledy Garden is a Flower Farm who not only grow and supply traditional English flowers but also grow edible flowers.  You will find Ben’s blog, is full of interesting things.

Thank you Ben for offering me the opportunity to guest on your great blog.

10 thoughts on “Borage, Bees and Blogging

  1. Nice article, especially the info on different flavours of honey. My borage have become geriatric now but hoping to gather some seed. One of my favourite flowers too if only it were more self supporting.
    p.s. I never volunteer anything before coffee time – my head is too cloudy until then 😉


  2. I grew borage years ago and loved the blue flowers, it came up again year after year, but sadly has disappeared now. Perhaps I should try again. I watched the Countrywise kitchen programme too and drooled over his pancakes with honey and clotted cream!


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