Weekly Photo Challenge : Flowers

Goodness me! This is probably the most difficult challenge I have done since contributing to the Weekly Photo Challenge I have so many photos of flowers, being mainly a gardening blog.  With the other challenges I tried to think laterally, so I am hoping this photo of a passion flower from my garden is up to scratch.

As this challenge is called “Flowers” it calls for several photos!  This is the centre of a beautiful white Hollyhock, also from the garden.

Finally, the Rose should never be left out.  This is called Elizabeth of GlamisUpdate:   I am no expert on roses and have always thought this was an Elizabeth of Glamis because that was what was on the label.  It has been suggested that it is not E of G and on Googling it, it would appear I have been misinformed all this time 😦

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39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Flowers

  1. Your E of G rose is quite different to mine. Yours is a David Austen? Mine just a ordinary one.

    I watermark my photos, using the Canon software that comes with the camera. “Insert text”


    1. I have yet to master how to do watermarks on my Nikon, I know its there but seems a bit complicated, although once I get to grips with it, I will wonder what the problem was. Strange our roses are different, this one I bought from the local garden centre. You have made me think now, maybe mine had the wrong label?


    1. Hi! After lots of Googling and searching about watermarks, I discovered that if you go into Windows “Paint” you can type the words and click save. Simple as that, I would have done it earlier had I realised I could do it this way. I just need to get the size of print correct.


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