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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – August 2011

The 15th of each month is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day,  I haven’t contributed to this on a regular basis, in fact, when I looked back it was May I last posted to this meme.

I thought for a change, instead of posting single photos, I would make a collage of the various blooms in my garden on 15 August.

The gardeners among you will not need any introduction to the blooms but I will list them anyway as it would be wrong of me to assume everyone reading this will know what they are.  Also it will help me focus on what is happening in the garden now, so I have something to compare it with next August.  So starting at the top from left to right:

  1. Japanese Anemone – although they seem to take a year or two to settle in, once established they grow like thugs and spread every year.
  2. Rudbeckia – I grew from seed are looking strong and proud.   Usually they fall foul to slugs and snails but for some reason they were left alone this year.
  3. Clematis Elizabeth Montana – For the first time this year it is flowering for a second time, the first being in the Spring, which is great, as the little flower is so lovely.
  4. Nasturtiums – These come back regularly every year,  and grow in one part of the garden for colour I don’t have to give a thought to.
  5. Echinacea – I finally bought this plant a few weeks ago.  It is a plant I see regularly in other garden blogs and always tell myself I should have one in my garden.
  6. Clematis Jouiniana Praecox This delicate blue flower rambles through my climbing rose and covers the bare stems at the bottom – I love it, and it flowers prolifically.
  7. Sweet Peas Cupani –  Sadly they are nearly over, but still flowering albeit on short stems.  They have lasted well and I will certainly grow these again next year.
  8. Cosmos – No garden, especially an English Country Garden, should be without Cosmos and next year I am going to grow Chocolate Cosmos, because I love the dark chocolate/burgundy colour and want to get away from the pink theme that seems to run through the garden.

Thank you to May Dreams Gardens for hosting this meme.  If you have time pop across to her blog, it’s a great one and well worth the read.

18 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – August 2011”

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed, they will last through the winter and appear again next year. I will remind you that you have said they are not a tasty slug dinner, especially if they turn out that they are!! 🙂 xx


    1. Good to see you Donna! Thanks for leaving a comment and I am still waiting for the tomatoes to go green. You were lucky to catch that one, the header is on a random pic, so will be different each time you visit (supposedly!)


  1. I’ve also loved my Cupani sweet peas, such a vibrant colour, and will grow them again next year. Interesting that your echinacea is growing so well and planted only a few weeks ago; I’ve moved one from a balcony pot into the great outdoors just a couple of weeks ago and thought it wouldn’t do anything this year – now I’ll be watching with interest!


    1. Funny thinks anemones, I have tried to replant them and do rootings for my daughter and they just dont like it, however, once established they spread themselves everywhere. I love them, they are tall and strong. I also have some pinky purply ones which are very pretty too.


  2. I love Chocolate Cosmos and have tried growing it in my garden twice but each time it died over the winter. I think it is quite a tender plant and is not happy with the northern climate where I live in Lancashire. Love your photos, the colours are wonderful.


  3. I love the clematis it looks so delicate and the sweet peas are a gorgeous colour. Wonderful pictures.

    Mary x


    1. The clematis is lovely isnt it? I bought it a few years ago from Wisley and it calls itself ground cover but it grows all over the climbing rose and my fence, with lots ot tiny little flowers.


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