Weekly Photo Challenge : Entrance

I trawled through my photo library sure that I must have something that would fit the Weekly Photo Challenge this time and I have found a few.  It was difficult to decide whether just to go for the garden based photo or include some photos of Worthing church doors. So I went for both.

The first entrance is to the Millenium Garden in Highdown Gardens, which I wrote about recently.

A little bit of Worthing history:  Worthing has 50 churches and many more that are no longer in use.  I have never lived anywhere with so many churches, most were built in the Victorian times when Worthing became a popular seaside resort for London businessmen and their families.   Victorian churches are not very pretty, built of brick and flint, but the architecture is interesting, they believed the only style for a church was pure Gothic, in line with churches built in 13th and 14th Century.   I decided to include just two church doors.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Entrance

  1. That is a very beautiful entrance…makes me want to walk through it. Great shot!


  2. I like Victorian gothic – substantially elegant! Nice images for the topic which can also be interpreted as the verb ‘entrance’!


  3. I really am a sucker for church architecture and the entrances are always worth the look. The one you showed, architecturally does everything right to say come in and stay awhile with the form and style of the entry. Thanks for posting it.


  4. I see it was time to have wished you – a very happy sixtieth birthday!! Will scroll back and catch up … and then I’m going to find Dr Seuss at the children’s library ;~)


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