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A Sunday Musing

After a great deal of thought and deliberation, following my birthday, I have changed the title of my blog from “Hurtling Towards 60 and Beyond” to “Hurtled to 60 and Now Beyond”.  I hope it was a sensible idea.   Since changing my URL address a few months ago, the lack of viewers from Blotanical is very noticeable, despite advising them of the change and has been very disappointing.

I am slowly beginning to suss out what proves popular.  This blog is not supposed to be solely about gardening and gardens, which I love and could write about all the time.  My aim is to pitch it at the right level, to continue gaining readers and keep those I already have.  That is why feedback, and comments are so important and I must remember to do the same on other blogs I read.  I am very remiss at reading and passing on to the next, and apologise to all those of you who have taken the time to write really interesting blogs.

The post I wrote at the end of July about reaching 60 created a lot of interest and the viewing numbers shot up but sadly my last post about Highdown Gardens bombed with very few visits.  Maybe because it was a local garden, and not as engaging to read about as an event, an experience or a place that can be identified with.

Talking about identifying, can anyone tell me what this shrub is please?  It is quite large and looked as though someone had dusted it with magenta coloured powder.  I saw shrub this at Michelham Priory, near Eastbourne.

I went there yesterday and drove my friend mad practising with my camera.   Taking lots of photographs is the only way I am going to learn about apertures and focusing.  It came with a manual and there are really good websites with tips and ideas but I have difficulty in learning anything just by reading.  Being a ‘hands-on’ person, I need to actually do something before I can get to grips with how it works.  The same thing happens at work, we get sent off on a training course and sit in front of Powerpoint slides and a trainer, it means nothing to me until I get to be able to actually use what they are trying to teach us to do.

Briefly back to Michelham Priory.  I was so disappointed because the gardens were overgrown and full of weeds, very different from my last visit about five years ago.   Such a shame, it is in a lovely setting and the flower beds clearly need a little TLC and I wondered why they had left it to get into such a state.

I won’t overload this post with photos but wanted to show you just two more from Michelham.  I loved the poppy heads standing proud with still a few poppies in flower, and…


…the berries on the heavily laden bushes.


24 thoughts on “A Sunday Musing”

  1. Who knows why people do or don’t like a blog, or a specific post. I think about it all the time when I am wondering what to write about the next day. I know the sort of blogs I like , and yours is one of them. I suppose we just have to be true to ourselves regardless.

  2. First, Blotanical has gone dead quiet, for all of us. If you keep the blogs you follow in Google Reader, you can see how few published posts are rolling IN. North Americans are either in their gardens or away on summer hols. Also if you check your alphabetical slice of Blotanical, you can see how slowly the new posts at the top of list, nudge yours down.

    End of August I’m going to radically clear my blogroll of dormant blogs.

    Just a thought (I’ve had my response already!) – it is better to respond to comments ON your commenters blogs. They won’t necessarily come back here, unless you use that plugin – ‘your comment has been answered’.

    I’m going to read your 60th post. If you put a link up on your sidebar, I wouldn’t have to hunt for your high-flying post … You could use that commenters list to leave comments at theirs, and capture a new bunch of readers?

    You are welcome to a Google Plus invite, lots of active bloggers have slipped over there. Shiny new has distracted them from yeractual blog …

  3. If we knew what to write about to interest people, then we would all be writing about the same thing , how boring would that be !! Your blog should be what interests you and I’m sure you will find that it interests others as well. Like you, I have had a drop off in numbers lately, but hopefully they are all just on holiday. I like your blog very much, so keep blogging !

    1. Its means a lot when people say they like the blog, I do write for others as well as just for myself so its special when something creates a lot of interest. I hope you come back regularly. – Ronnie

  4. Love you’re blog name. I’ll be 60 in a few months, so can relate. It hardly seems possible…and where did those adult children come from??

    I agree with others that knowing what blog posts will be a hit is nearly impossible, so you might as well write what you please.

  5. Hi Ronnie. I’m not sure it is worth taking too much notice of how many people read each post. After all, people go on holiday, get ill, get behind. To me, the most important thing is that you blog about what interests you. Not everyone will enjoy every post, but you should! There again, I am more about the interaction than the silent readers. Enjoy your new camera! And I totally agree, there is no substitute for taking lots and lots of photos when it comes to learning your way around a new camera.

    1. Hi Janet. It just fascinates me what is interesting to some and what is not, its all about people isn’t it. Yes I am beginning to write about what I want to write about regardless who reads it. The camera is making it all the more fun.

  6. I think that Joanna has hit the nail on her head when she says that why some blog posts are popular and others are not is a mystery 🙂 I think that this time of year also sees a dip in blog writing/visiting as a lot of folk are out working in and enjoying their gardens or away on holiday. Sounds and looks as if you are getting a grip of your camera 🙂

  7. Great Muse Ronnie. Your photos are getting better by the blog, you should be very proud of them. As you know from me beyond 60 can have its ups and downs, but there are always surprises! You have some good followers here as well. Keeeep blogging!

  8. Hi Ronnie – I love your blog, no matter what you write about, its always a fun visit for me. Love the photos! You are doing well. I too am learning. Fancy camera but no patience to read the manual! So I learn by trial an error (and love the Auto settings 🙂

  9. Hi Ronitee, the mysteries of wy some blogposts are more popular than others and who is reading them is a mystery. My friend Gill the Painter says that ‘how to’…’ posts get more hits than anything else, as that is what people start their google searches with. I think she is on to something there. Anyway you have a lovely blog, I haven’t got a clue about that mysterious shrub though. Have a great week. Joanna

    1. I am reliably informed that the shrub is a Mexican Tree Spinach. Its an annual, and self-seeds. It didn’t look too edible to me!

  10. ‘Hello’ Sundays are great for musing and will be interesting to hear about your journey ‘beyond’ as I am sure it will be eventful. Life is full of surprises and having a garden is always a joy. The new age of photography means you can keep on enjoying.

    1. Thank you. Please keep coming back its great to see people. Just looked at your blog and the “Mountain” photos are brilliant – Well done!

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