End of Month View July 2011

So much has happened over the last week, with birthday celebrations and spending time with friends and family, it was only just now when reading The Patient Gardeners July End of Month View, I realised it’s the 1st of August.  I then reviewed my earlier EOMV’s and saw that the last EOMV was the video at the end of May. I missed out June!

Roses are still in bloom

My Twitter friends will know I was bought a beautiful Nikon SLR camera for my birthday.  There is so much to learn, it will take me many, many months to take photographs that are anyway near right and then there will still be more to learn.  As practice makes perfect, all these photos were taken using the new camera.  Some of the plants you will notice have droplets of water on them; I watered the garden early this morning, because, at long last we are due for a decent spell of Summer weather and it is expected to be hot today.    Yes, it’s Monday and I have not given up work, or retired (if only), but have taken a long weekend as a break and that is why I am managing to write this post during the day.

Where to begin in the garden?  The vegetables are doing well and the French Climbing Bean, Cobra, has served me (and my neighbours) well.  It is still producing beans and flowering so I am hoping I will have a lot more.

French runner beans - Cobra variety

I was very late with my tomatoes this year, and although I had planned to grow Gardeners Delight and Sungold, I have only grown Gardeners Delight.  They are looking good and I have removed several of the lower leaves to allow the sun through to ripen them.  None has ripen enough to eat, but there will be plenty when they are ready.

Tomatoes - Gardeners Delight

A neighbour gave me a yellow courgette plant and being honest I have to admit to not looking after it properly. I plonked it quickly in a pot with the intention of either moving it into a larger deeper pot, (last year I used Long Tom terracotta pots) or a Grow Bag.  As is the way of things, it got forgotten and has not done too well.  It is, however, still producing some courgettes but I am not sure how much longer.

Yellow courgette

After a warm and long dry Spring, the weather paid us back and we have had a lot of rain and it actually became quite chilly again for a while.  This put paid to my chilli and pepper plants, they have been eaten down to the stalk by the snails and what was left never recovered as it has not been warm enough.  Ah well, there is always next year.

One lovely surprise is the £1 stick bought from Poundland earlier in the year which is now producing raspberries.  I didn’t think it would fruit until next year, so with a little bit of luck and the birds staying away, I should have a crop of raspberries soon.

In order to photograph the raspberries I had to lean past the Fennel, the flowers are just beginning to seed.  I love the smell of fennel and must remember to collect the seeds.

Ladybird enjoying the Fennel

The  side garden/patio area is looking very colourful, with Montbretia, Fuchsias and Japanese Anemones all in flower.

When taking photos of the Japanese Anemones, I thought I should try my hand at the macro and exceedingly well timed a bumble bee turned up.

The other plants on the patio are my Olive tree, bought for me 10 years ago by my daughters as a 50th birthday present.  This flowers and fruits every year but to date I have never had any olives large enough to pick.  I have been told they would be very bitter anyway.

The £2.99 M&S Passion Flower, now in its 3rd year, continues to do an excellent job camouflaging the water butt by the kitchen door…

… and the Hibiscus at the bottom of the garden is flowering magnificently.

On a final note, the roses are still blooming and I found a grasshopper on one of them, who was most obliging and stayed motionless for me, while I clicked away!

Thank you Helen (Patient Gardener) for your timely reminder for the End of Month View.


  1. Hello Ronnie, just popped in from rainy Bronteland (Yorkshire, England) where it’s too wet to garden, so I’m browsing other people’s. Really enjoyed this post and you’re getting some excellent results with the new camera already! Seeing the photos of the fuschia and the montbretia so close to each other made me nostalgic as we had these two close in our garden, with a wonderful hot clash of vibrant colours every year, but the last two harsh winters have killed the fuschia, so the montbretia is flowering alone now. Thanks for sharing your garden :-)Jane Gray


  2. Glad you are enjoying your camera & a belated happy birthday! You have some wonderful pics including the ones of the ladybird on the fennel & the bumblebee on the Japanese anemone which I especially love.


    • This blog may end up with more photos and words if I am not careful, I love taking photos and its a great chamce to learn how to take better photos


  3. Hi Ronnie, looks like you are getting to grips with your camera very rapidly! I love that first rose, gorgeous colour, and the ladybird on the fennel is wonderful. Hoep you get loads more time to enjoy your new camera, look forward to seeing the results!


    • Thank you Janet – I am really enjoying taking photos and like all pics, the ladybird on the fennel was a pure fluke. The rose was lovely, but I have lost the label and can’t remember what it is called.


  4. Beautiful rose — all the prettier with the water droplets! I am happy to have found your blog and am enjoying your posts.

    Do you mind my asking which Nikon SLR you have? I’m still using an Olympus sub-compact, and we’re trying to narrow down the choices for an SLR. It appears you’re doing great with your new camera! 🙂


    • I am so pleased you enjoy the blog, thank you. The camera is a Nikon D3100 SLR, a little heavier than my Fuji Fine Pix but I am getting used to it and having great fun.


      • Thanks so much for taking time to answer my question. I have seen several bloggers recently who have this same camera. I know you are enjoying it!


    • Courgettes are what you would call zucchini. I have never understood why we all have different names for the same things – so confusing.


  5. Oh what a great birthday present Ronnie – you must be delighted and oh what fun you will have using it. Which specific camera did you go for? I am glad to read that ‘Cobra’ is doing well for you. I have grown it for the last three/four years but sadly mine are not thriving this year.


    • I was bought a Nikon D3100 SLR – it is and will give great enjoyment for a long time to come! The beans are delish, I wonder why yours have not done so well this year. Strange things plants aren’t they!


  6. Thank you for your kind comments Christine. I have managed ok with the macros but the distant photos need a little more attention but it is a work in progress and great fun.


  7. Hi Ronnie! Isn’t the new camera fun? I still haven’t progressed from using the Auto settings on my fancy SLR, but I love it! Even on Auto the photos are so much better than using the point & clicks!

    I LOVE the pic of the Ladybird enjoying the Fennel and your Japanese Anemones are gorgeous!! I’m longing for mine to flower again :). Your garden is looking lovely – what a joy!

    Enjoy the new camera and your garden! Can’t wait to see the next round of photos.


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